Longtime Activist Launches Cannabis News Portal


I received the following press release in regards to legendary cannabis activist Tom Angell’s new endeavor. Show him some love! Below is more information:

An activist who has helped to lead the marijuana legalization movement for more than 15 years is launching a new cannabis-focused news outlet.
Since January, Tom Angell has operated Marjuana Moment as a newsletter that compiles all the most important policy, science, business and cultural developments in cannabis, with an emphasis on breaking scoops and spotlighting primary source documents. Now, Marijuana Moment is transforming from just a daily e-mail into a full-scale cannabis news portal.
One initial story on the new site takes a look at an obscure 45-year-old federal law that makes an exemption for state-legal marijuana, one which even most professional legalization activists seem to have never heard of. Another is an in-depth interview with the new 29-year-old leader of NORML, who outlines unique challenges and opportunities for the organization as legalization spreads while federal uncertainty increases. There’s also a preview of an Atlanta City Council vote on a marijuana decriminalization measure expected on Monday.
Previously a reporter for Marijuana.com and MassRoots, Angell has consistently tracked and reported high-level developments before mainstream news organizations notice them. For example, this year he exclusively obtained a letter that U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions sent Congressional leaders asking them not to renew exisiting protections for medical cannabis laws. He previously got hands on a leaked internal Justice Department document showing that Obama administration officials tried to mislead Congress about the impact of the medical marijuana rider before its enactment.
“Because I’ve worked on this issue for so long as an activist, I have a leg up on traditional news outlets when it comes to spotting, synthesizing and making sense of what’s happening in marijuana,” Angell said. “That’s both because I know where to look and because I have deep relationships with the people who are running legislative campaigns in state capitols across the country. While I definitely have a point of view as a longtime activist and make no attempt to hide that, I think my body of work shows that I value accurately reporting the news — whatever it is — so that advocates and decisionmakers can act on it accordingly. With my experience and deep sourcing, I know that the new Marijuana Moment site can quickly become a go-to source for people who want to stay up to date on the politics and business of cannabis.”
Separately, Angell chairs the nonprofit Marijuana Majority and previously served on the staffs of Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and Students for Sensible Drug Policy. In 2003, he founded the Rhode Island Patient Advocacy Coalition, which led the successful push to legalize medical cannabis in that state, and later served as communications director of California’s 2010 marijuana legalization camapign. As a Capitol Hill lobbyist, he led an effort that persuaded Congress to scale back a federal law that strips finacial aid from college students with drug convictions.
The Marijuana Moment newsletter has already earned a reputation among journalists and cannabis movement and industry insiders as the best way to keep up with relevant news, as these testimonials show:
Dominic Holden, BuzzFeed News: “Marijuana Moment is reliably the most up-to-date source for developments in marijuana policy — each morning, I can count on it to identify the most important news, from the best sources, so I don’t have to go slogging through stale stories or second-hand reports.”
Don Murphy, Marijuana Policy Project: “I never go to Capitol Hill without first reading Marijuana Moment. It’s a must-read for any drug policy advocate.”
David Downs, San Francisco Chronicle: “Angell is the most dogged dedicated reporter tracking cannabis developments in DC, even though he lives up in Brooklyn. His Marijuana Moment is agenda-setting.”
Brooke Staggs, Orange County Register: “As a journalist covering cannabis in California, it’s very helpful to have Marijuana Moment waiting in my inbox when I wake up each weekday. I subscribe to a dozen marijuana-related newsletters, and Tom’s provides the most in-depth daily overview of what’s happening at the national level and around the country.”
Matt Ferner, Huffington Post: “I find Tom Angell’s Marijuana Moment newsletter to be indispensable, I read it every day now. Concise and informative, a must for anyone interested in the latest in marijuana policy. Definitely recommend.”
David Bienenstock, VICE and High Times: “Tom Angell and Marijuana Moment are often the first word in cannabis journalism—literally.”
Steve Fox, VS Strategies: “As someone who has an interest in the broad range of developments in the cannabis world — from policy to business to research to culture — I count on my morning Marijuana Moment for a succinct summary of the news. The fact that Tom manages to unearth nuggets that you won’t find anywhere else is a huge bonus.”
Jimi Devine, Cannabis Now: “Marijuana Moment is the most comprehensive daily briefing in the cannabis industry for anyone keeping tabs on policy at both the federal and state level. While others may only touch on culture or late night TV, Tom also provides raw need-to-know data invaluable to anyone hoping to gain an edge in America’s fastest growing industry.”
Chris Roberts, High Times and Leafly: “If cannabis is so much as whispered about in the U.S. Capitol, Tom seems to know about it — and then tells everyone else. Marijuana Moment is pretty much everything that happens in marijuana. Marijuana Moment is better than your Google alerts.”
Kyle Jaeger, ATTN: “Marijuana Moment is the first thing I read on any given day. It’s been an essential resource in my reporting and I’d encourage any journalist interested in marijuana policy to subscribe!”
Mikayla Hellwich, Law Enforcement Action Partnership: “The Marijuana Moment is a media professional’s dream. I wish there was a newsletter this reliable for every other issue I work on.”
Greg Welch, BioTrackTHC: “The Marijuana Moment is the most efficient way to stay informed about major movements in cannabis. As the industry continues to evolve and expand, MM is the only newsletter keeping pace.”
Marijuana Moment is a news organization dedicated to tracking and making sense of the many developments in cannabis policy, science and culture that occur every day.

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