Lit On Lit, AKA The Stoned Poets’ Society, Is Unique


I don’t consider myself to be a writer, and I especially don’t consider myself to be a journalist. I am a social justice activist who just happens to use writing as my method of communication. If it weren’t for marijuana, I don’t know that I’d write anything at all outside of the bare minimum that life requires. I, like most people, suffer from ‘writer’s block’ quite often. Using marijuana helps break through that block and provides endless inspiration.

It has long been thought that marijuana increases creativity. In addition to not being a journalist, I am also not a doctor, so exactly how creativity is generated in the brain and how marijuana increases the generating is something I’m unfamiliar with. But I do know that in my personal experiences using marijuana to brainstorm ideas and come up with approaches to articles and other things has been tremendously helpful.

I am not alone. I know of a lot of bloggers, writers, and journalists that look to marijuana to boost creativity. It sounds like there is even a class now dedicated to using marijuana to become a better writer. Per Westword:

At first glance, this class may look like your average creative-writing workshop, with pens sprinkled across two tables in the center of the room, alongside desk lamps and composition notebooks. But Lit on Lit is a new kind of creative-writing class, one that puts something different on those tables: a bowl of cannabis and rolling papers to help spark creativity.

This is the first writing class in the country that invites attendees to smoke legal cannabis during the brainstorming session and the prompts.

The creators of the class wanted to create an environment that got people out of their comfort zones. Getting stoned around a bunch of strangers seems to help with that. People consume marijuana in the class then participate in various activities that are meant to get the creative juices flowing. From what I can tell, it’s poet focused, but I suppose the model could work for just about every form of writing. I wouldn’t be surprised to see these types of classes popping up all over the country sooner than later. Cool idea!

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