Legislation To Support Colorado Marijuana Social Clubs Moves Forward

(image via Marijuana.com)

Colorado Senate Bill 184 would provide for the legal operation of marijuana social clubs. Denver voters approved a social use initiative during the last election. Senate Bill 184 would be a bit different from that initiative from what I understand, and would allow the extension of social use to the rest of Colorado. The bill passed the Senate’s Business, Labor and Technology Committee yesterday, and is scheduled for a full Senate vote tomorrow.

Social cannabis clubs are needed in Colorado (and everywhere) because not everyone has a legal place to consume legal cannabis, especially tourists. I can fly into Colorado right now, purchase cannabis legally, but I would have to rely on people I know to allow me to consume in their private residences, as most hotels prohibit consumption on site. Colorado voters approved an initiative that called for regulating cannabis like alcohol. The will of voters will never become a reality until legislation like Senate Bill 184 passes. Do your part and contact your Colorado legislators (assuming you live in Colorado) and let them know to pass this sensible piece of legislation. NORML has an action tool (found at this link) which makes it very easy to do. Below is more information, via NORML:

Colorado State Senator Bob Gardner and Representative Dan Pabon have introduced legislation that is headed to the Senate Business, Labor and Technology committee on Tuesday, March 1, 2017. SB 184: The Private Marijuana Clubs and Public Use Bill, will provide Colorado municipalities with the regulatory framework needed to allow responsible adults the option to socially consume marijuana in a private club away from the general public.

Last November, voters In California and Maine approved public marijuana consumption through Proposition 64 and Question 1, but haven’t settled on rules. This means Colorado could be first out of the gate with statewide regulations for pot clubs.

Similar legislation to permit social consumption, SB 063, is also pending.

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