John Salley Is Coming To Eugene For The Oregon Marijuana Business Conference


One of my favorite events that I always look forward to each year is the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference. It was at the Oregon Marijuana Business Conference (OMBC) last year that I was lucky enough to get my beloved Chong Bong autographed by the Tommy Chong. I can attest first hand that dreams can literally become a reality at the OMBC, and I have the bong to prove it! OMBC is Oregon’s longest running marijuana business conference, and is as far as I’m concerned ‘the place to be’ on April 27th and 28th.

The conference itself takes place on the 28th, but the OMBC is always preceded by a VIP reception the night before. The VIP reception is a great opportunity to network with new people and to hangout with familiar faces. When I attended the last two VIP receptions, it was seriously like a marijuana family reunion. Many hugs and high fives were given out, and it is always fun to hear about what everyone is doing and what they have coming up.

Oregon’s marijuana industry has seen its fair share of hurdles, and there’s a lot of improvement that needs to occur, but its still the most exciting industry in the state, and anyone who is a part of it will tell you that there’s nothing else they would rather be doing than chancing their dreams in the cannabis space. There’s a lot on the horizon as far as potential changes to the rules and laws that govern Oregon’s industry, and keeping up on it is no easy task. I can say (unsolicited) that the best place to get up to speed is at the OMBC.

In addition to industry members and regulators, there will also be one very special guest in attendance at this year’s OMBC, and I can’t wait to shake his hand. John Salley will not only be doing the celebrity interview for the event, but he will also be at the VIP reception as well as the conference after party. I have followed John Salley’s career with great interest ever since I was a kid. It is no secret that I am the biggest Portland Trailblazer fan of all time, and John Salley and the Detroit Pistons crushed my Hobbit soul in the 1990 NBA Finals. John Salley played like a beast during that series and throughout his 15 year NBA career having won 4 titles with 3 different teams, including the 2000 Los Angeles Lakers who also crushed my soul as a Blazer fan.

John Salley was cast in two of my favorite movies of all time – Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2. John Salley is an actor, an NBA legend, a media personality, an author, a host, an expert on all things vegan, and accomplishes more in any given year than most people do in their entire lives. John Salley is also an investor and an entrepreneur. A prime example of John Salley’s business wisdom, and why I call him the cannabis investment whisperer, is his investment and involvement with a cannabis company called Canopy Growth. Experts are saying that purchasing stock in Canopy now is like purchasing stock in Amazon in 1997. John Salley got in on the opportunity over two years ago and says it has proven to be one of the best investments he has ever made. It’s safe to say that when John Salley talks, people should listen.

John Salley is about to launch his new company in California, which he will run with his daughter Tyla Salley. As I have said before, Tyla is an extremely talented person in her own right, and her future in the cannabis industry is very bright. If you are in the Eugene area in late April, or if you are able to make the trek to Eugene, you must attend the OMBC. Come say hello to John Salley and the others in attendance and learn from their expertise. You can learn more by checking out the OMBC website. Keep in mind, this is in no way a promo article (completely unsolicited), this is how I truly feel. I have been to a TON of events in my days as a cannabis blogger, and the OMBC is absolutely one of the best ones out there. I hope to see you there!

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