iCan:Israel-Cannabis To Bring FDA Approved Nebulizers To The Medical Cannabis Market

Nebican Portable Nebulizer

iCAN:Israel-Cannabis and Aura Medical have joined forces to bring FDA approved nebulizers to the burgeoning medical cannabis market.

The Aura’s Portable Nebulizer is widely acclaimed and recommended by the nation’s top Pulmonologists and Respiratory Therapists for use in treating asthma and COPD and now will be used by millions more worldwide. The device will be marketed under the brand name “Nebican”.

Utilizing specially developed controlled dosages, the Nebican portable nebulizer is a perfect delivery system for medical cannabis. Nebican is the answer to medical practitioners and patients worldwide as demand turns towards medical cannabis to alleviate numerous ailments.

Designed with patented Vibrating Mesh Technology (VMT), Nebican is an innovative form of atomization that emits extremely thin and fog like vapor. Like air, the mist released from the inhaler can easily penetrate deep into the lungs. Pocket sized, it is portable, discreet, convenient and easy to use.

“We are proud to pair our unique delivery platform, that until now been used for prescription medications including Albuterol®, Pulmicort Respules®, DuoNeb® Intal and others, with targeted formulation from Ci Therapeutics,” said Connie Lefkowitz, CEO of Aura Medical.

Ci Therapeutics, (an iCAN & CannRX partnership) has significantly progressed on its validation of ican.sleep, an advanced cannaceutical to be delivered on the Nebican inhalation platform.

Nebican & ican.sleep are expected to launch in California in mid-2018 with the Canadian market to follow.

“This is a game changer, taking an advanced pulmonary FDA approved delivery platform and formulating a sleep product to deliver safe cannabis in a doseable and repeatable way,” said iCAN: Israel-Cannabis Founder and CEO, Saul Kaye.

About Aura Medical

Aura Medical was founded in 2013 by a team of scientists, medical professionals, and business advisors with a mission to bring respiratory devices into the 21st century. With over 50 years of combined clinical experience Aura Medical designs and develops cutting edge respiratory devices.  As the numbers of Asthma, COPD and respiratory disease sufferers rise dramatically each year, Aura Medical will join them in the fight for their breath.

About Ci Therapeutics

Ci Therapeutics is an innovative cannabis company dedicated to bringing advanced cannabis formulations to market. The initial product, ican.sleep will use the Nebican to help people get a good night’s sleep. This will become a platform of formulations delivering advanced, clinically validated, unique formulations on pharmaceutical grade delivery systems.
Ci Therapeutics is a joint venture between iCAN and CannRx.

About CannRx Technology 

CannRx has developed highly accurate quantitative and qualitative analytical chemical assays as well as disease-specific bioassays to determine the activity of specific cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. CannRx has also designed unique and proprietary delivery systems for medical cannabis that increase bioavailability, reduce carcinogenicity, and provide precise dosing of cannabis-based medicines. Its technology provides the benefit of lower doses with increased and prolonged effects with a reduction of side effects.

About iCAN:Israel-Cannabis

iCAN is a globally recognized Israeli company focused on the medical cannabis industry. iCAN operates across all verticals including: consulting, business development, mentoring, investment strategy, network and media, compliance and regulation, CRO, commercialization, formulation and international distribution.

Source: PR Newswire

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