How Bitcoin And Marijuana Are Making America Great Again


Bitcoin and marijuana could be America’s new banking system like gold use to be because the reality of currency is it has to be worth something and what is that piece of paper in your pocket worth? Whether it has a 1 or 1,000,000,000 in front of it, what is backing it? Is real estate a good commodity because that’s what we’re doing now, selling our resources for the sake of a dollar as in the case of the North Dakota Pipeline. Do we want to put our country for sale? It’s bad enough our nation is based on genocide and slavery but can we stop lying to ourselves and hurting what is essentially our land, in turn, ourselves.

Marijuana, Hemp can not only save America through social justice, but it can also be the one thing we’re so damn good at that other nations will want to trade for their goods for ours, this is something Seattle is evolving too – something off the grid and self-sustaining. Now an individual with a billion bitcoins can buy a jet; personally, I don’t understand it, but if marijuana is backing it, it must be good. People accepting bitcoin for their commodity could make us better off as a country.

Seattle isn’t the only city from what I hear, and this can permanently put America off China’s tit, and this is good. As America evolves, if one wants to grow, one has to recognize bitcoin as currency.

Picks and Axes

If you’re looking to get into marijuana without going to jail, bitcoin could be your safer option. Like Mark Twain said, “During the gold rush it’s a good time to be in the pick and shovel business.”

Hemp and marijuana traded for bitcoins is the future of trading bitcoins for pizza or even beer; the smart money is on bitcoin for investment as marijuana becomes more of a means of trade. Recently a Bitcoin-based credit system has been introduced into the Washington State marijuana market. How this works is like this once you swipe your card there is a bitcoin purchase, in turn, that bitcoin is used to obtain the cannabis.

Old money is scared of bitcoin, and they shouldn’t be. Just because someone is willing to exchange products for virtual money doesn’t mean the end to paperback because there’s someone out there trading virtual money for real dollars. Marijuana though could be the American commodity that helps build communities of America. As of now 28 dollars (What was charged to my card) = 32.80 Bitcoins = 1 gram and one joint of top shelf (2 grams) = 2 grams of Gold which as of a March 24th @ 7:21 a.m search is worth 80.16 American dollars.

Marijuana backing Bitcoin is favorable for the evolution of the American economy and America. As each State increases its bitcoin revenue, more and more bitcoin transactions will cross state lines building our bitcoin infrastructure and taking us off more and more off the China and oil tit. America needs to stand on its own financially, and bitcoin is the way through cannabis transactions.

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