Have You Ever Played Fantasy Football…On Weed?


Like cannabis, fantasy football has escaped many stereotypes that long plagued it. No more just relegated to “nerds” the activity has gone mainstream and become a multi-billion dollar business. There are many fantasy football experts and podcasts to pay attention to, but not many, if any, cater to the cannabis community.

If you want to mix cannabis and fantasy football, then the Let’s Hash It Out’s Fourth and Twenty Fantasy Football Podcast is the podcast for you (all available right here at Weed News). Like the usual Let’s Hash It Out podcast, my co-hosts sample some fine Oregon cannabis that is arguably the best in the world (if you disagree @ me at @anthonyj1977) from both licensed stores and shared from personal home gardens (AKA Freedom Gardens) allowed under state law. I stay sober and do my best to keep the podcast on its rails.

As a cannabis activist for over fifteen years, co-authoring and helping lead successful reform measures in both Missouri and Oregon, including serving as chief petitioner and director of the Oregon Measure 91 legalization campaign in 2014, I hope that some people would believe that I have something worthwhile to say regarding cannabis and politics on our regular Let’s Hash It Out podcast.

But why should anyone care about what I have to say about fantasy football? I have long loved football and my mother tells me that I knew all of the football teams when I was four. That early childhood knowledge may have something to do with multiple TVs in the living room as someone may have allegedly placed wagers on multiple football games played at once. And if you excuse my Al Bundy bragging moment, I was an all-state high school football player in high school.

I’ve been playing fantasy football since 2005 and have added multiple leagues with different scoring formats over the years, winning several championships and finishing in the top 3 quite a few times. This past season, Yahoo Fantasy Football ranked me a “diamond” player for the second time (the fantasy site’s highest ranking). Folks can check out my public profile to see that I’m not just bragging. Well, I’m bragging, but I’m not lying.

My co-hosts Jerry and Jae have both won multiple leagues in a couple of different formats and we all have different styles and methods. I’m an unabashed “homer” for my Kansas City Chiefs, but I don’t get too crazy and make it work for me as I look to draft “high upside” players that can surprise folks and win me a championship if they pan out. Neither Jerry or Jae play up their favorite teams or players as much as I do and Jae goes on his gut instinct quite a bit while Jerry watches game tape and researches rookies and sleepers that Jae and I haven’t even heard of yet.

If you play fantasy football and like cannabis, give our fantasy football podcast a shot. We’ve got several podcasts out as we are currently moving thru each division, but first, you may want to listen to our initial rankings episode (embedded below) to get a frame of reference for our suggestions. Good luck winning your league this year…on weed.


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