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The story of George Jung was portrayed in the movie, Blow (2001). George Jung was played by Johnny Depp, and the movie showed how a high-school football star single handedly became the world’s premiere importer of cocaine from Colombia’s Medellin cartel. Changing the course of an entire generation. The movie “Blow” is a high-velocity look at George Jung’s spectacular rise and fall during that era.

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George Jung, aka “Boston George,” was released from prison after serving almost two decades behind bars. Jung, 74 now, was one of the biggest drug smugglers and traffickers in American history, transporting a majority of America’s cocaine into the country from Colombia for the better part of a decade.

According to PBS interviews, Jung began selling marijuana during the late 1960’s.  George would transport it from California to Massachusetts and making a healthy profit.  George noticed that most everybody who was smoking marijuana would sell it in small amounts to their friends. Then George begin to see the money aspect of it. That was the driving force that got him in. He suddenly began to realize that becoming an entrepreneur in the marijuana business would make him fairly wealthy.

And the lifestyle was attractive for him as well. Basically, the whole conception of this came about when a friend of George’s came out to Manhattan Beach. His friend was attending U-Mass at Amherst and was off for the summer. When his friend came to see George, there was a large punch bowl of marijuana sitting on the table. It was for anybody to use at their leisure. His friend asked how much it was worth and George told him something like $60.00 per kilo. The friend told George that it sold for $300.00 back East in Amherst. The wheels began to turn and the next thing they knew they were purchasing the $60.00 kilos and transporting marijuana back to Amherst. They were making a profit of approximately $200.00 on each one less the airline fare.

George Jung was arrested for the first time in Chicago with a “trunk full of pot” and sent to federal prison in Danbury, Connecticut. It was there that he made the connections to get into cocaine trafficking. The connection that was supposed to take the marijuana was also involved in the heroin business, which George says he had no idea he was doing, and he got arrested for that. Of course then to save his soul he informed on me and they arrested me for the marijuana. Strange thing, when they arrested George, the federal agents, they said, “We’re sorry, we really don’t want to bust pot people but this is tied into a heroin operation and we have to arrest you.”

After meeting Colombian drug dealer Carlos Lehder in prison in Connecticut, Jung went into the cocaine business with his former bunkmate, taking trips to Colombia and convincing people to carry cocaine-filled suitcases from certain areas of the Caribbean. Capitalizing on America’s surging appetite for cocaine, Jung’s business exploded.

According to that PBS interview, Jung worked with Lehder and Pablo Escobar‘s Medellin Cartel and started making millions of dollars after purchasing his own plane to ship massive quantities of cocaine. Between the late 1970s and early ’80s, Jung claimed he was supplying 85 percent of the cocaine in America.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, at his peak Jung was pulling in $15 million per drug run. After more than a decade of cocaine trafficking he was arrested in 1994 and spent almost 20 years in federal prisons in New York, Texas, and New Jersey.  Jung was released from prison on June 2, 2014 and now lives in California.

Early in December of 2016, George was arrested once more for a parole violation after traveling to San Diego for work.  Since his release, George had been doing some advocacy for medical marijuana. Boston George is a writer and a great story teller.  He has returned back to his “roots” in the Cannabis industry as an advocate. George has been doing many positive things with his life.

Ronda Clay Spinello Jung made a statement on behalf of the Jung family, of the alleged parole violation and what had happened.

“Just so everyone knows, Boston George was arrested today for a parole violation. We had a manager that we were working with. We needed to go to San Diego for a speech in August. We could not get in contact with the probation officer. We needed the job so we went on a day trip for 4 hours to San Diego. So we could SURVIVE. This guy forged George’s signature on a contract and tried to embezzle the movie people. After we reported the forgery he contacted probation and told them George does drugs and there were drugs in our house. And also told them about the trip that he financed. The day I went home to see my kids she raided our house and drug tested George. I was not here. They found NO DRUGS and George PASSED the urine test. This guy said his main goal in life is to put George back in prison. Well, they came to get him this morning. We had a hearing and they brought this 74 yr. old man out in shackles.”


If anyone would like to write positive letters on George’s behalf please send them to his Attorney at-

George Jung

Attention Linda Harter

801 I. St. Third Floor

Sacramento California 95814

There is also a petition asking the President to please pardon George Jung. George is 74 years old now and Boston George has paid his price to society. George Jung deserves to live out his life as a free man.

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