Deep Roots Harvest: Nevada’s Choice For Cannabis


By Timothy Edwards

Traveling 80 miles northeast of Las Vegas is the headquarters to one of Nevada’s leading cannabis companies. Deep Roots Harvest is located on the border of Arizona, in the town of Mesquite, Nevada. They are not only a dispensary, but also grow their own strains within the facility and have flower, concentrates, and edibles, in-stores across the state.

Deep roots harvest has been in business since November of 2016, as medical. They then went to both medical and recreational on July 1, 2017. In April of this year, they moved the storefront over into a bigger building on the same location.

I was given the rare opportunity to tour the dispensary, that doesn’t normally give tours.

“On our property here, we have a grow site, which is in the other building. There we have grow rooms, an extraction room, packaging room, a trim room, and an edible room,” said Carlos Gonzalez, who is one of the managers at the dispensary and gave me a tour of the store. He is also one of the first employees to be hired at the company.

Mesquite is the only store location, but they have seven licenses total for retail that will be up and running over the next few months. Currently, they’re in 85% of the stores in Nevada.

Employees remind customers that taking product across state lines is still against the law even if you have a medical marijuana authorization card. “We take any states medical marijuana card,” said Gonzalez. Patients receive discounts and education on products and Nevada’s State laws.

“There are people that come here all the time that haven’t even tried any of this, and we help them in that sense. We are one of the only stores that will sit here and educate you on the effects of the product,” said Gonzalez.

Some employees are sent to Las Vegas for a beginners training course in cannabis. Knowing the Terpenes, knowing THC, and understanding CBD and CBN are all things that they want their employees to know about, according to Gonzalez. Similar to the Northwest in dealing with customers, the advice and education given are not from a doctor opinion but more personal experience and other people’s feedback. “A lot of it is true hard testing. I will go home and try a bud and assess it,” said Gonzalez. Everybody is affected differently, but Gonzalez says that he works with his team in sampling and coming to a consensus of each of the strains affects to give the best advice to customers.

They grow about 30 strains, one of which is Segerblom Haze, named after, Tick Segerblom, the Governor in Nevada who helped push for recreational sales.

Segerblom Haze is a sativa, and I tried it in a pre-roll joint. All of their joints are called Bluebirds. Bluebird singles and Bluebird 3-pack joints. When I was there, they had a special for four 3-pack joints. I tried: Segerblom Haze (Sativa), Lemon skunk (Hybrid), Durban cookies (Hybrid), and Bubba Gum Kush (Indica). Each joint contains .6 g of cannabis. I found that I smoked about half of one, sometimes 2/3 and would put it out then finish it later. Bubba gum Kush was my favorite.

I enjoyed the tour very much, and they were gracious hosts. They even gave me a free shirt, a gram of flower, and concentrate to try. “Teen Spirit” was my flower selection. A hybrid with a mellow stony high and sweet taste.

For the concentrate, I chose one of their signature strains, Lil Sebastian. A potent couch lock indica. I was dabbing this all day on my trip and felt relaxed. A little dab will do ya’, and a big one will put you to sleep.

I don’t eat too many edibles, but they do carry their own brand of Cheeba Chews and Helix twist gummies. “They are all our brand that we make here at Deep Roots, “said Gonzalez. They have hybrid sativa and indica in three flavors. They come in 100 mg 10 packs (10 mg each). Very similar to other recreational states. “The Cheeba Chews are probably our best seller in Nevada right now. We have had a hard time keeping them in stock everywhere,” said Gonzalez.

As a northwest native, I am used to an overabundance of product to choose from at low prices. Initially, I was put off by the high prices in Nevada but at the same time am appreciative to have access to legal cannabis while on the road.

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