Council Debates New Cannabis Ordinance In Detroit Today


The Motor City has had a sputtering start to their effort to authorize medical marijuana dispensaries, with approvals stalled and the system seeming to be stuck in idle. Some Detroit citizens are trying to jump start the program and get it running smoothly, and their petition is being considered by the City Council this evening.

Detroit City Council President pro tempore George Cushingberry has a marijuana policy analyst on his team, Richard Clement, who posted this notice via a newsletter:

The Detroit City Council will take up the ballot issue for a formal vote to adapt and remove parts of the language on Tuesday July 18th, 2017 at 10 am at the Coleman Young Municipal Center on the 13th Floor. Speakers in support are allowed 2:00 minutes to speak. If there are over 30 speakers present, time will be reduced to 1:00 minute.

You may contact city council members through the website at

Marijuana Reform is on the Ballot
in the City Of Detroit Nov 7th, 2017

New Ordinance removes Liquor Stores, Overlays, Parks, and reduces distances from a legitimate Church to 500ft. The zoning ordinance will not appear on the ballot because the City Clerk said so and will recommend the council remove it for the general election.

The Detroit City Council completed passage their package of dispensary ordinances over the objections of citizen groups in December of 2015. As of January 2017, only one dispensary had been approved.

Since January there have been more approvals, but only 5 medical marijuana dispensaries are currently licensed to operate in Detroit, with another 70 operating under temporary conditions while their applications are being reviewed, per a report from June 2017.

Detroit officials have repeatedly said they are intent on authorizing only about 50 cannabis shops in the city.

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