Clementine Marijuana Strain Review And Pictures


My step brother is one of my favorite people on this planet. I have watched him grow up into a very upstanding man and I’m very proud to call him my brother. My step brother is one of the most knowledgeable cannabis consumers that I know, with a very big passion for all things marijuana. He cultivates cannabis as a hobby, and spends more time at dispensaries in Bend, Oregon (where he lives) than probably anyone I’ve ever talked to.

I recently visited him and asked him to take me to what he feels is the best dispensary in Bend. His top pick, hands down, is Oregrown. I had never been there before, but had seen Oregrown cannabis at a couple of events I’ve attended. We went to their flagship store in downtown Bend and I was definitely impressed with their selection. I asked the budtender to show me their best flower, which I always do when I go to a new dispensary.

The budtenders usually do a little back and forth trying to find out what my preferences are, but this time the guy was quick to whip out a jar. ‘This is Clementine, and it is amazing.’ Before I could look in the jar I already knew I was in for something special. The sweet citrus smells was pouring out of the jar into the room. I wasn’t even necessarily planning on by flower, as I was really there for a trans-dermal patch, but my goodness! The smell reminded me of one of those cartoon episodes where the smell lingers up to a character’s nose, enchants them, and carries them away.

The visual of the Clementine strain is just as impressive as the smell. I quickly asked which grower produced the flower because I haven’t seen something that amazing in awhile. I was informed that it was produced by Pistil Point Farms, which I had heard of quite a bit lately. Pistil Point is based out of Portland, and was recently featured in a stellar article written by Danny Danko for High Times. I encourage people to check out the article. I haven’t been to the Pistil Point Farms facility, but one of my favorite people on the planet Dave Miller did the build out for it, and it sounds more like a laboratory facility than a grow operation. Every little detail has been dialed in from what I read in the High Times article.

The attention to detail was very apparent from the cannabis I bought (an eighth) from Oregrown. Every single nug was perfectly manicured and sparkled like it was covered in trichomes. The Clementine batch that I bought tested at 20.27% THC and .85% CBD. Anything over 20% is pretty strong, which this Clementine proved to be. I have consumed flower with a higher THC level that didn’t pack as much stoney punch as this Clementine. I consumed some with my best friend last night and he noted multiple times how stoney the strain was.

The flavor of Clementine is outstanding, and is exactly what you would expect after you smell it. The taste is very fruity, which shouldn’t surprise since Clementine is a cross between Tangie (sativa) and Lemon Skunk (hybrid). I can’t think of two strains that provide more fruity/citrus flavor than those two strains. Clementine is the perfect blend of sativa and indica. The higher ratio of sativa provides a very uplifting high that provides many smiles and euphoric feelings. But the Clementine has just enough indica in it too to provide a tremendous amount of relaxation and calming. After consuming Clementine I didn’t feel like doing much around the house, but having conversations with friends became all of a sudden more entertaining that usual.

I would absolutely recommend picking up some Pistil Point Clementine from outlets that carry it, which are quite a few in Oregon from what I understand. According to the previously cited High Times article, Pistil Point Farms has flower in over 100 stores throughout Oregon. If you are in Bend, I know that Oregrown carries it. Pistil Point was also featured in Dope Magazine recently, albeit for a different strain (Zkittlez, amazing as well!) Dope Magazine is hosting their annual Dope Industry Awards in Oregon on February 26th and is currently accepting nominations. I’m personally nominating Pistil Point for ‘best indoor grow’ because of how much they are dominating right now, and encourage others to do so. If you need a good reason why, pick up some of this Clementine and I can almost guarantee that you will be in love!

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