Cannabis Citizen Alert: Melody Cashion


Justice has been served, another bad grandma will be taken off the streets for 30 days over a plant that is legal for recreational use in 4 States, our Nation’s Capitol and is recognized medically in 25, soon to be more.

Melody Cashion lives in the wrong state while treating her Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) condition holistically. In the state of Tennessee one doesn’t have a choice to treat their ailments. Melody has found that the harmaceuticals prescribed to her have done her more harm than good.

Why can’t someone in constant pain with deforming joints choose their own medicine? Something about this seems un-American. Melody’s case proves once again how this law is a bad law. Her ordeal started with her car breaking down and it’s the officer who should have assisted her but instead choose to arrest her based off a joint, these are not the crimes I feel safe knowing the police are fighting.

This Image is Melody’s Hand for the Speak To The Hand Campaign

What should have been a police officer coming to the assistance of a woman, to actually serve and protect, turned into a non alcohol DUI. Sure the argument could be made that since the joint was there, she was under the influence but I honestly don’t feel the time does not fit the crime and that’s something that has happened and can happen again for Melody.

Melody originally pleaded out which resulted in having to pay for a restricted driver’s license in order to make a 40 mile round trip to attend a weekly probation, along with 48 hours in jail. It’s cases like this that prove we are jail happy here in America, what kind of lesson did Melody learn being locked away in a 8×8 women’s cell with 2 bunks, 2 on the floor, and lockdown for 23 hours?

While meeting all her obligations of fines and meetings Melody was on track until they decided to do a UA, her medicine is illegal in Tennessee it was bound to test positive for THC and this is why the present War On Drugs needs to end, innocent lives are ruined over a safer logical natural alternative treatment recognized by over half the country. Melody is not in the wrong, the law is and what she faces for testing positive on a UA is even more egregious

On November 2, Melody will stand in front of the Honorable Judge Charles Rich who will decide if she will serve 30 days in jail while being charged 30 dollars are night for her own confinement with a $2500 bond.

This is why America is mad, this is why we’re all fucked up because small town cops can fuck with single mothers/ grandmothers who aren’t well off and turn them into literally another part of state revenue, pay your fines or be jailed, clean your pee or be jailed, all for a joint. When the States let the police turn it’s citizens into revenue to fund prisons then we have no justice in our America.

To help Melody please visit the Tennessee Green Cross page to buy a shirt or make a donation.

  1. M. Simon says

    I have the privilege of bringing the message to “enemy” territory.

  2. Fungi Sclerotia 1427 says

    “…what kind of lesson did Melody learn being locked away in a 8×8 women’s
    cell with 2 bunks, 2 on the floor, and lockdown for 23 hours?

    A: That the law is an @$$, and that present cannabis prohibition is reprehensible!

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