Canadian Cannabis Now Flowing Legally Into Germany

Canada and Germany flags combined

The Land of Ideas (Germany), is getting a creative boost – legal cannabis from overseas.

Canadian cannabis colossus Aurora, based in Alberta, announced their first shipment of the medicine to German markets this week in to help meet the enormous demand for the plant. Earlier this year, German legislators significantly liberalized policies surrounding medical cannabis, giving much greater authority to physicians to prescribe it, as well as allowing federal health insurance to cover its costs.

From the Edmonton Sun:

“The company shipped 50 kilograms of dried cannabis flower from its central Alberta facility in Mountain View County to Germany’s leading medical cannabis distributor Berlin-based Pedanios after receiving an export permit from Health Canada as well as provisional import status from the German Federal Narcotics Bureau.

“Pedanios will distribute the cannabis through a network of more than 1,500 pharmacies across Germany, the company said, but Aurora also hopes to become a top producer and supplier of medical cannabis in other European Union markets.”

As more nations enact federal cannabis legalization laws, medical or adult use, exporting across borders will only increase. Nations that embrace legalization will have a leg up on the competition and will benefit from securing large market shares. Hopefully, the United States will wise up sooner than later as we are letting other nations like Canada advance in a commercial market that the U.S. should dominate. It will be very interesting to see how the international market develops over the years, but it is obvious that the momentum is at the back of reformers working to end the failed policy of prohibition.

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This blog was originally published by Marijuana Politics and has been posted here with special permission. 
Amber Iris Langston
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