Can I Fail A Drug Test For Using CBD Oil?

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CBD has experienced a surge in popularity in the last handful of years the likes of which has rarely been seen with other wellness products. Consumers that have either never consumed cannabis at all, or have only consumed it on a limited basis, are turning to CBD in record numbers. There is no end in sight to the growing trend.

People are using CBD for a number of different reasons. Some have seen the explosion in media coverage and have become curious and just want to consume CBD to see if it boosts their overall wellness. Others have a specific condition or conditions that they are trying to treat and think that CBD will help.

CBD has been shown by a number of studies to provide a wide range of wellness benefits and is very effective at treating many conditions. It’s not rocket science when it comes to trying to figure out why CBD is so popular. The rise in popularity has led many consumers to wonder how CBD use may affect the outcome of a drug test. As with all things cannabis and drug test related, the answer is a bit complicated.

For starters, most drug tests are looking for THC metabolites in a person’s system, not CBD metabolites. So if a person is using straight CBD products that have no amount of THC in them, it shouldn’t be an issue. To be fair, there are tests that look for CBD, but it’s not something that is commonplace.

What does cause potential issues is when consumers use CBD products that do include some amount of THC in them. Quality CBD products have at least some THC in them to boost effectiveness through a biological process called the ‘entourage effect.’ A little bit of THC consumption in limited circumstances will likely not result in a failed drug test in most cases. But either a lot of THC at once or a little bit of THC consumed on a regular basis can result in a failed drug test.

Most employment-based drug tests have a threshold of 50 ng/mL. Below that threshold is considered to be OK, but if that threshold is met or exceeded, it results in a failed drug test. It is nearly impossible to know how much THC is too much for individual consumers because each person’s body stores and releases THC at a different rate.

The more body fat a person has and the slower their metabolism, the more their body will store THC and the longer it will take to leave their system. Conversely, a very skinny person with the metabolism of a hummingbird could consume CBD products with THC in it and potentially never fail a drug test. It’s case dependent and there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

If you are in a situation in which you are to be drug tested, be mindful of how much THC you are consuming and what your body composition is. If you are consuming CBD-only products, you should be fine, albeit with the caveat that the product you are consuming is not as effective as it could be.

The main takeaway is that if you have to take a drug test and have been consuming a CBD product that has THC in it, there is a chance that you could fail the drug test. One thing that you can always do ahead of time to get an idea of where you stand is to take a drug test at home prior to taking the test that will determine your fate. Be aware that not all drug tests are created equal, so taking more than one is a good strategy if you are really worried about it.

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