Can I Buy Weed Online?


The short answer is Hell No. Along the lines of the Nigerian Prince phone scam or the “You have a long lost family member that died and left you a bunch of money,” the internet brings us a new form of scumbag, the Cameroon buffoon.

As Weed News grows, so will the algorithm that I fall into that makes assholes believe I’m an easy target for a scam. Do people sell and buy weed successfully over the internet? Most likely yes but as a sensible citizen, I urge you not to.

Before the internet people were able to acquire weed just fine, people talked to each other and knew each other personally, and that’s where the internet fails. You will always be susceptible to a scam online. Not saying it doesn’t happen in person but I rather be burned by someone that I’ve known for five years vs. Someone I met for five minutes.

The scam is relatively basic and easy to catch as of now; after five minutes of having friended that new person with one mutual friend but they have some pics of weed in their profile so “Hey, why not? Might be a comrade in arms”, you will be hit up in bad English to buy marijuana. Then there will be an urgency to close the deal, and Cameroon as a reference in the transfer is a dead giveaway.

The success of these scammers is an unfortunate by-product of prohibition, as people seek out alternatives to treat themselves and children. A by-product that must be somewhat fruitful business as these people remain persistent on a sale, successful most likely in prohibition states.

If you’re looking for medicine options, for a chance to try a CBD based product that can be shipped to you, I can’t think of anything legitimate. CBD only treatment is a debatable issue, some people say they receive relief others not, all our Endocannabinoid systems are as different as snowflakes. Plus most swear that the entourage effect needs to be in place which means a minute amount of THC will be present. For this, to truly find what works for you, you will have to move to a medical state.

Beware The New Friend

I accept all friend request because the purpose of my online persona is to spread the truth and learn from others. I started writing as Miggy420 because not everyone that believes in weed, grows or sales it; we get old, we get jobs and support families, we have to live. And this is why I started with a pen name and will continue to do so until no one has to fear jail or unemployment. I urge you, everyday Joe, the one who is maintaining a 9 to 5 or are living off of a retirement to stay vigilant as you accept new friends online. I urge you to do a little more vetting than just hitting “Accept” and to not buy weed online, to not use Western Union or Moneygram to send money.

I’ve included screen captures of my most two most recent encounters with what I joke as the internet’s Nigerian Prince but urge you not to give the time of day. My favorite part is when he post an email which I did a quick Google search on, and it came back with sketchy results, here’s the email if you’d like to give it a try [email protected]

Stay safe out there internet, remember no matter how bad you think it will be, it’ll be ok; weed has been illegal all your whole life, and we’ve made it this far.

It is here when fellow activists befriended him online and gave him a hard time, which made him delete his account after talking shit. The next online vendor is the one with the shady email that I mentioned previously.

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