Brandi Maina-Little: Another Victim Of Kansas CPS And The Drug War


Marijuana is used as leverage against single moms and low income families. Children are not a commodity, but the drug war lets social injustice continue here in America. The State of Kansas is an example of how justice can go awry even though there has been good news like the reuniting of a loving Schwab family, who have tried to do the right things by their God and country, there are so many bad stories coming from Kansas, as in the case of Brandi Maina-Little.

Brandi Maina-Little and kids

How much pot in your system makes you a bad parent? According to the State of Kansas, .0088% is too much. Why is it that narcotic pharmaceuticals can be prescribed for multiple conditions ranging from bipolar to fibromyalgia but if someone decides to treat themselves holistically for a better life that their kids should be taken away? This is what happened to Brandi Maina-Little.

The State of Kansas has proven that it holds no true regard for children, as seen in season 2 episode 1 of Weediquette entitled “Stoned Parents”. In this episode we see people like Jennifer Winn who have made it a full time job fighting a corrupt system and this is why I would like to highlight Brandi Maina-Little’s case, a mother who has suffered multiple physical and mental conditions, all being treated by legal pharmaceuticals, one which can and did test positive but as an amphetamine. The problem with legal drugs is they are the same as the illegal ones, but when it’s harmful is when one chooses to abuse, not when it’s prescribed.

In the State of Kansas children are being taking away from loving mothers and fathers, this is part of our state of disarray here in America, taking babies away from the people who brought them into this world and who still want them. The Stoned Parents episode of Weediquette has shown me that the State run CPS system known as DCF corrupt. We all know that as a person you represent some sort of revenue like prisoners are for prisons, children are for school lunches and “child protective service” programs. Exposure from Weediquette shows us the continuing Greek Tragedy known as the State of Kansas as people like Jennifer Winn, attorney at law and Shona Banda, mother and crohns sufferer constantly fight for their rights and their children.

Brandi was legally taking adderall for a psychological condition and was told by her doctor that it was in her best interest to continue taking it during the pregnancy to treat her OCD condition. Three days before the birth of her youngest child she was in a vehicle with her cousin who decided to hotbox the vehicle with her in it, this is what she says caused her to test positive when the hospital tested her after she gave birth to her child. There are two things that stand out here to me. 1) Why are hospitals testing mothers when they give birth? And 2) It doesn’t bother me that she tests positive whether it was accidental or on purpose. Facts like mother’s milk contains cannabinoids make me feel reassured that a mother smoking a joint to feel better during pregnancy is not the worse thing a woman can do while pregnant. After testing positive for such she was denied access to her babies. Brandi lost custody of her children, who were placed with their perspective biological father’s custody. As of today she shares custody with three of her babies’ daddies, and the three kids stand in dire situations because two of her past choices for lovers weren’t good choices, we’re all entitled to our own mistakes. One child remains in the State’s custody and has threats of State adoption looming over her and her daughter Jazi is in the State’s custody; it’s unfortunate that Brandi has been legally able to have an excuse for a meth like substance while pregnant but not have an excuse for a plant that has been used holistically for thousands of years.

I share Brandi’s story with hopes that Kansas will one day get its shit together; I write this and other people’s story so their side can be heard because we still live in a world where if you’re found to be pothead then your opinion or actions don’t matter in small town America like Kansas.

Judge Brandi not because she’s a Bronco’s fan, but consider the fact that she’s a mom who wants her kids, wants to love and to teach them more than any systematic foster care system could. This is not a call to arms but an article to point out another reason to end the drug war, the State of Kansas has made a trade of kidnapping kids for “their protection”, we have turned into a world where Boss Hog is in charge and not common sense.

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