Bill Maher Implies Spy Agencies Targeted JFK, Trump Could Be Next


Comedian Bill Maher, host of Real Time on HBO, one of the cannabis community’s most prominent political and cultural commentators, implied that the United States Intelligence committees may have conspired to assassinate John F. Kennedy and that Donald Trump could be the victim of a coup. Maher mentioned a theory that JFK’s extramarital dalliances, including those with “East German spies” and “Mafia couriers,” led American spy agencies to consider him a severe liability to the nation. The Trump Administration could be the target of a coup and the intelligence leaks are a cry for help from our nation’s spies.

Donald Trump and his aides’ ties with Russian government operatives is the “biggest scandal” in presidential history, Maher argued. The intelligence community publicly concluded that Russian agents worked to influence the 2016 election against Hillary Clinton. There is apparently evidence that the president’s political campaign had numerous contact with Russian operatives. Additionally, there are concerns that Trump and Vladimir Putin could both be working to destabilize the NATO military alliance.

Bill Maher is one of the few political commentators that admits to his cannabis use and has garnered a loyal enough following to be a relatively influential political figure with liberals and Democrats. The Real Time host isn’t known to be a huge conspiracy theorist, shutting down any talk of 9/11 theories on his show.

Marijuana legalization supporters are on pins and needles awaiting details of federal Drug War policies under Attorney General Jeff Sessions. If Bill Maher is correct, that our spy agencies are actively working to undermine Donald Trump, the White House should be reluctant to start a new policy that will create more controversy and earn more critics.

The Real Time with Bill Maher episode was already controversial due to the appearance of Milo Yiannopoulos (some real heated exchanges occurred on the “Overtime” segment on YouTube) , but I thought that any mention of JFK’s assassination by spy agencies and a potential coup against Donald Trump were very explosive. There are an unprecedented number of leaks coming out of the federal government and there is ample evidence that people within the government are outright revolting against Trump and his policies. News stories that crucial classified information isn’t shared with our president, out of mistrust, troubling to say the least.

Michael Flynn’s resignation as National Security Advisor and the federal investigation regarding his communication with people within Russian government is certainly a damaging scandal. Congressional investigations could be launched, with even some prominent Republicans joining the call for hearings, so the scandal, which some have named Kremlin Gate (or #KremlinGate on social media), isn’t going away anytime soon. How far the scandal goes, and its impact on Trump’s cannabis policies, or any other policy, will have to be seen.

Featured photo courtesy of HBO. 

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