An Ode To Dennis Peron


This isn’t going to be a poem, that’s just a catchy title I thought of, instead this is a tribute to a man and an education to others.

California Proposition 215 was the gateway to legalization for the world.

Before Prop.64 that made marijuana a recreational device in California, there was Prop.215 that brought medical marijuana to the world. There will be arguments that there other bills and forms of medical marijuana but it was Prop.215 that brought it to the nation’s forefront that marijuana is a medicine.

During my early 20’s I would travel back and forth from the east to west coast trying to find myself. I was born in California but moved to Jersey at age 10. It’s traveling where I perfected my gift of gab but not a green thumb.

While living in California I’d look for work via a newspaper, answering any ad that had the words “Marijuana” or “rock n’ roll environment,” one such ad said “Legalize Marijuana and Get Paid,” Holy shit I thought, I found my career, my means to an end! It turns out it was to gather signatures for Prop 215. Even though I never collected that check promised to me, it was with pride that I walked knowing I helped California but never realized it was also for the world.

One of the minds behind Prop.215 was Dennis Peron, a businessman who saw his friends and a lover die from A.I.D.S while cannabis proved to be a medicine that helped ease their misery. I  remember California before Prop 215 compared to now, and it’s two different worlds, today being a better one.

I write this because Dennis is nearing the end and I hope he sees this. I hope that a new generation will know who to thank because they will never know fear and paranoia like those of us before weed was legal in 8 states, like those in 42 other states due but have hope because they see the world is changing.

I wish I could tell you a personal story about Dennis, but since I can’t, I leave you with his words in the video below. We love you Dennis and Thank you.

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