All Aboard The Terp Train


News flash, THC, and CBD are not the only two components that factor into your cannabis experience.

You can’t smell THC and CBD, but you can smell Terpenes. Think of terpenes like the salt and pepper of ingredients that when combined with THC and CBD they create the entourage effect, producing that unique personal experience. Terpenes are nothing new, but there is a new focus on them geared towards the consumer.

The consumer drives the market, and the more informed the consumer is about cannabis, the better cannabis will be. They have been a long known contributing factor to your experience as can be seen here in a 2015 article in Leafly.

During Two industry events I recently attended terpenes, and terpene profiling were concerns of two lecturers from two different organizations. First up was Blunt Talks, a social networking event that mixes Ted Talks with a happy pregame hour. I am only going to talk about one speaker right now, but this event is an educational mixer.

Nick Jikomes of Leafly talked about Leafly’s genome mapping and how its proven that the Blue Dream one smokes in Washington could be the first cousin to the Blue Dream in California, simply put, they come from the same genetic family.

As someone who comes from a time when everything was called “Fire,” I don’t believe in any of the names, so this sparked my interest. Even though liked name strains in different states can have the same genetic makeup in different states, they can produce same experiences.

Take this one step further than what we’ve been calling Indica and Sativa for the past “x” amount of years still comes down to terpene profile mixed in with the THC and CBD ratio. To have a reliable, consistent experience, the consumer needs more information, not less.

The second event is a monthly gathering of cannabis nerds held on the Heylo Cannabis Extract artists grounds, hosted by the CannSTEM group. Here we play cannabis science trivia or have speakers; they are planning for Ethan Russo to be speaking at an upcoming event, TBD.

This month at CannSTEM the topic was marketing. Presenter, Tom Heller spoke of the importance of the terpene profile for the consumer and budtender but mostly for the consumer.

The reason I say mostly the consumer is that like a snowflake or fingerprint, each one of us has an endocannabinoid system that is unique to us. Just like coffee makes most people wired, it can make a small percentage of people crash, and this is why it’s hard to say 100% this is what this will do for you.

Tom proposed “The CannaStamp,” a quick visual reference for the individual on what to expect when they consume a product. You can find the cannastamp at This one could be particularly useful to the Washington State consumer because Tom is asking for producer/ processors to submit their lab results and they will create a cannastamp for their product, a win-win for the consumer, the producer/ processor, and cannabinder.

Heylo Labs

Whether it’s the Leafly database or Cannabinder, the issue is not if there should be one but how to get the importance of it to the consumer and budtender.

I believe Cannabinder’s would be a good fit for the State of Washington just based on the company’s willingness to upload up to date vendor information for the consumer. The strains are bound to test different as genetics do what they do and the importance of Cannabinder is real time.

Get Back On That High Horse

No more bad brownie experiences when the consumer can have an informed decision. Before legalization, one wouldn’t know how that vape pen, shatter, or edible would make them feel? Now as we go through what regulation should be (personally I believe “Lab regulation is the only real regulation”) one can seek whatever voluntary consumption experience they’re seeking. As the old saying goes, You won’t know if you don’t try it.

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