Addicted To (Spreading The Truth On) Marijuana


What is an activist? The short answer is You, since you’re reading this because you’re doing one more thing that another hasn’t and that’s seek out information, the next thing you have to do is share what you’ve learned.

Marijuana activism is not the only cause out there, but it’s the only one I can think of that would actually fix something in my lifetime with a stroke of a pen more can be done for social justice and equality all around, for black, for white, for men and women, and the economically challenged.

Donate Time, If You Have No Money

An activist is someone who is non-complacent, someone pushing personal boundaries every day, someone willing to share information and goods. When I use to work at Raytheon I would take cardboard set for trash and donate it to the NORML Chapter in Tucson for signage material, we do what you can, the best you can.

I used to hate the word activist because it implies broke hippie, but today I embrace it because that’s not the most horrible thing in this fucked up world, the most horrible things are injustices and wrongs in your own society. To allow injustice is to allow the same on towards yourself, one cannot and should not sit idly by as a rape happens.

Some People Are Douches, Do A Google Search On The Character

Not all people who want the law to change are good people, some are doing things simply for their own interest, which generally isn’t a big deal because we all want nice things but one has to watch out for the ones hurting the honest effort, there is no time and place for that in what is still considered an outlaw industry while people sit in jail and others fear the police.

I’ve done activist type things not for credit but for something to do with a story I want to tell, my story. I’m not an activist because I found a picture of Prosecuting Attorney Matt Ipson standing in front of a pot leaf in Africa giving a peace sign from a youthful pilgrimage while he was prosecuting spiritual leader Joy Graves which probably helped in her case’s dismissal.

I’m not an activist because I’ve collected signatures for someone behind bars or helped raise funds for their books, strangers to me but heroes and friends in arms. In fact, one pot lifer use to put it like this “Hope is a powerful tool during war” – Eugene Fischer and that’s what a marijuana activist does, they give hope.

I’m not an activist because one of my articles was submitted as Federal evidence due to a Vegas stripper wanting to know if she could sue for an article that mentioned her during the Lance Gloor trial which might I add was a sham of justice in itself.

I’m a marijuana because I can’t stop thinking about this continuing injustice in my America, the land of the not so free and chicken shits who look for criminals with no victim which in if you think about, is not a crime. I’m a marijuana activist because me and people I love can go to jail for any amount of plant still in my America.

As an activist my biggest accomplishment is not the things I’ve mentioned above or the things I haven’t mentioned, my biggest contribution is being a father, by being a man that devotes his time and money to nurture and to create a family, to create a safe place for those I love.

When you start getting yourself out there be sure to look up who you’re about to do business with because in a weird sense, all this altruistic from my heart bullshit needs business, it needs money to fund prisoner’s books and money for materials that bleeding hearts like me need,

Activist Have Different Goals

My number one preoccupation as an activist has been to change the mind of the world, not the law because in America perception is everything, mainstream media and how prohibition started has taught us that.

The war on weed has created fear and doubt throughout our American communities; these are things we have to end for us to move forward, fear and doubt of each other, minorities, and the police, these distorted realities need to end, this is why I’m a marijuana activist.

I should be able to drive across this country with what’s in my pocket, not the Selective States of America, this is why I’m a marijuana activist.

Pass The Baton To 2017

As 2016 ends and we’ve come so far along, let us not forget those States where ignorance and prohibition are still predominant, let us not forget about those behind bars and that if you’re in the industry that you could be to, so help someone that will help you.

2017 has great potential despite what everyone thinks or says, it has potential because of people like you and me, it has potential because people in general are good and want the best for their children and nation which means the best injustice, which we are not but 2017 can be that year thanks to you and others like us. 2017 is not the year for America to be in denial but to wake up and realize that the war on drugs is a war on its own people and serves as part of the problem, not the solution.

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