How To Reduce The Smell Of Cannabis


Lighting up and igniting cannabis to smoke will produce an odor, a very distinct odor that will permeate throughout the entire environment in which the smoke was released into. Cannabis is derived from the cannabis plant (cannabis sativa) that grows in tropical and temperate areas of the world, and has overtime been grown and has thrived in indoor environments with the use of an indoor hydroponic technology. This plant was taken and made into an illicit drug, one of the most widely used drugs in the United States.

The history of marijuana and its application into an illicit drug has been a major topic of debate, as many people think that the medicinal uses of marijuana are far more beneficial to human health than harmful. As politics have taken this debate and presented it to the public to vote on, the use of marijuana for both medicinal use and recreational use has expanded and grown, with more and more states passing these laws for either/or both recreational and medicinal marijuana use. This has created increasing issues on cannabis smoke smell emission into the air that has led to strict laws to regulate these cannabis smells from entering into public areas.

In this article we will discuss what marijuana smell is composed of and how you can reduce the smell of cannabis in the air.

What Does Marijuana Smell Like

The smell of marijuana is a well-recognized odor, as it is a very strong potent smell that can spread quickly and rapidly throughout the exposed environment. Cannabis odor can vary depending on the strain, some strains are smellier than others and will produce a far more noxious odor. The smell originates from the growth of the plant, and the odor will depend on the maturity of the plant. Those cannabis plants that are immature tend to have a less severe odor, whereas a mature plant will have a far more distinctive, potent odor.

Why Does Weed Smell Like Skunk?

Cannabis produces a mix and amalgam of different odors especially in the smoke that is emitted from the marijuana. The marijuana is composed of terpenes, an organic compound that is found in a variety of plants and is found in a large quantity within a cannabis plant (hundreds or more). Many terpenes can smell like that of thiols, a compound found in skunk spray, which gives off that undesirable and rancid skunk smell that is hard to remove from both surfaces and the air.

How to Eliminate Weed Odor

Marijuana or weed odor is a strong smell that can be tough to expel from the environment, particularly from the airspace of an indoor environment. Whether it is inside a home or outside the walls of an indoor grow house, the smell produced from cannabis and cannabis smoke will build up and spread throughout the air of an enclosed space.

The process of removing marijuana or weed odor can be lengthy and by following these tips you can help to speed up the process of removing the cannabis odor.

Increase Air Circulation:

Air circulation inside an indoor environment will help to promote the elimination of odors that have accumulated in this space and grow houses are no different. Fans are a source of air circulation that can boost the amount of air that is being flushed out in the environment. When air flow is increased in these indoor spaces, such as open doors or windows and fans used in this space, it will help to flush out the tainted air – the air impacted by the cannabis odor and stench and replace it with fresh outdoor air.

2.) Select the Best HVAC Filter:

The filter that you select and house inside your home’s HVAC system can have a drastic impact on the air within the home and what is or is not filtered through the air filter. There are a variety of different filters available to consumers to choose from when purchasing a filter for their HVAC system. There are cheap filters that use an inferior material, and then there are higher-end filters that utilize a superior filter material with a more efficient technology for chemical and odor elimination.

A popular HVAC filter that is typically used to remove cannabis odor from the air is an activated carbon air filter. Carbon filters use the carbon technology that is able to remove contaminants and impurities from the air using a process called chemical adsorption. This process works by capturing the contaminants and odors in the air and trapping them in the material of the carbon media, however, after these filters reach capacity and all space within the carbon media are utilized it will lead to the re-releasing of the captured chemicals and odors back into the air.

3.) Clean the Air with an Air Purifier for Weed Smoke:

Air purifiers are one of the most effective and popular methods for odor elimination, such as from cannabis smoke. There are a variety of varying air purifiers and air purifier technologies that are used within these devices to purify the air of contaminants, whether that be chemicals, particulates, or noxious odors. However, many of the air purifier technologies available are insufficient or simply ineffective at removing the potent smell of marijuana odor, particularly without using a chemical or creating a by-product while removing this cannabis smell from the air.

The EnviroKlenz Air Purifier is a leading air purifier that provides truly clean air, without compromise. EnviroKlenz is committed to air purification on two fronts- toxins and odor elimination. The EnviroKlenz technology is a patented earth mineral technology that is relentless at removing air contaminants including smoke, cannabis smoke, fine-particulate matter, and soot from the air, without the use of fragrances, toxic chemicals, or any additional compounds.

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