spacey banana nut bread marijuana cannabis recipe
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How To Make Spacey Banana Nut Bread

Spacey Banana Nut Bread Recipe When it comes to advice on cannabis edibles, my friend Amber Senter is who I have always gone to over the years. She is second to none when it comes to all things edibles, and she was kind enough to offer up the recipe below […]

cannabis chicken salad jeff the 420 chef
Marijuana Recipes

How To Make Cannabis Infused Sesame Chicken Salad

A couple of weeks ago my buddy Jeff the 420 Chef was kind enough to send over his recipe on how to make cannabis infused sesame oil. He also sent over a recipe for his famous canna-sesame chicken salad with strawberry canna-sesame dressing. Jeff the 420 Chef is the most […]

cannabis sesame oil
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How To Make Cannabis Infused Sesame Oil

I was fortunate enough to be invited to a private dinner at marijuana icon Steve DeAngelo’s house to celebrate his successful book launch. It was an amazing experience on many levels. The dinner was prepared by Jeff the 420 Chef, and it was mind blowing. The entire multi-course dinner was […]

cannabis marijuana infused butter
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How Do You Make Marijuana Butter?

Marijuana Butter Recipe A bulk of the marijuana recipes out there call for marijuana butter. There are other recipes that are based around other marijuana infused items, but marijuana butter is the most common based off of my experience. Other things are just as good or better at absorbing marijuana, […]