How To Get The Highest From A Small Amount Of Weed


We’ve all been there, even if money isn’t the issue.

You go for your weed stash, open the jar or baggie or wherever you keep it – and there’s almost nothing left.

You can’t afford to buy more, or your dealer is out of town, or it’s the middle of the night and the dispensaries are closed. It doesn’t matter why. You’re stuck with the small amount of flower you have left – and you were really planning to get wasted tonight.

What do you do?

Putting aside the possibility that you take your mother’s (or friend’s, or therapist’s) advice and just go to bed sober, all you can do is make the most of what you have.

Here are the 6 Ways to Get the Highest from a Small Amount of Weed

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1. Don’t Even Think About a Joint or a Blunt

The least-efficient way to get high is to roll a joint or a blunt because they require a lot of bud (figure each one uses about half a gram) and a lot of that great smoke ends up wasted. We don’t have to tell you why; whenever you’re not dragging, the pot is still burning and the smoke is floating up into the atmosphere where it doesn’t do anyone any good.

If you consider smoking a joint an integral part of the experience and can’t imagine anything else, at least roll a pinner joint which will use less pot and smoke better, or roll with the paper inside-out which will cause the joint to burn more slowly.

2. Use a One-Hitter

These handy pipes aren’t just easy to carry around or hide in a pocket, they also help you get the most out of a limited supply. Because of the way they’re constructed, you can get a surprisingly good punch from them even though you’ve only put a small amount of weed inside. Not enough of a punch to get you high? Opt for a chillum, which will give you 4-5 good hits without burning up the rest of your stash.

3. Try a Glass Blunt

Glass blunts (plastic or glass pipes shaped like blunts) are getting more and more popular, for very good reasons. There’s no waste (there are no roaches leftover), they’re easy to use, and they give you a whopping good blast for your buck.

4. Vape Instead of Smoke

Since you’re heating the ganja instead of burning it, there’s less waste – so you’ll get higher from the amount of vape created than you would from smoke produced by the same quantity of flower. You can also take the AVB (already vaped bud) after your session and repurpose it in edibles; it’s already been decarbed so you can put it right into brownies, make cannabutter with it, or bake firecrackers (AVB and peanut butter, spread on graham crackers and baked in tin foil for 15 minutes or so). You can roll it and smoke the AVB, too; it will taste nasty but will really add to your buzz.

5. Have Some Coffee or Some Fruit

We have no idea whether the scientific proof of this is legit (it’s based on a 2014 study that was done with squirrel monkeys), but drinking a small amount of coffee helps a small high last longer. Don’t drink too much coffee, though; according to the study, it will just make you want more and more weed.

Other foods said to boost a buzz include mangos and nuts; the myrcene terpenes in mangos and the omega-3 fatty acids in nuts help THC pass through the blood-brain barrier faster.

6. Play Amateur Mixmaster

Many herbs including sage and thyme contain pinene terpenes, which open lung passages and allow the body to absorb TCH more easily. Mixing your pot with them will let you enjoy the stash you have left for a longer period of time while adding to your high.

Mixing pot with other herbs, including CBD, damiana or mullein, may not get you more stoned. But being able to smoke longer may make you feel like you’re increasing the buzz. Just think back to the days when you could only afford skunk weed, but told all of your friends loudly “Man, I’m so wasted!” You get the idea.

It Pays To Think Ahead

This probably doesn’t help when you’re staring at your nearly-empty stash jar. But it’s worth remembering the feeling, so you can be smarter the next time you replenish it.

1. Buy the Right Strain

This can go one of two ways. If your primary concern is the best high possible, do some research (or talk to your nearest expert) and find the strongest, highest-quality bud you can buy. That description can mean different things to different people; not everyone wants the mind-blowing high of Ghost OG or Original Glue, so find your level of comfort. You probably won’t smoke as much of it in each session, which will leave more sitting in your stash when you start to run low.

On the other hand, if you have a lower tolerance but tend to go through your supply quickly, you might want to think about taking a step back to a slightly-less potent strain. Your budget will last longer and you won’t be staring at the bottom of an empty jar so often.

2. Grind Your Weed Finely

Finely-ground bud will produce the best smoke because it burns slowly and evenly. The hits will be bigger and more satisfying, so when you don’t have a lot left you’ll be getting the best high possible. Just as importantly, though, what’s left after grinding – the kief, or fairy dust – can be much like the change you find in the couch cushions when you think you’re flat broke: a welcome surprise. It primarily contains highly-concentrated THC, so adding it to what’s left of your stash before smoking will take the experience to the level you’re looking for. The best way to grind herb is with a four-piece unit, which will have a chamber at the bottom to collect all of that lovely kief.

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