Best Hair Follicle Detox Shampoo For A Hair Drug Test

hair follicle drug test

In life, the unexpected can happen, and it does often. But when the unexpected arrives at you, in the form of a surprise hair follicle test, it can be a daunting and very worrisome thing. They are becoming the standard, when testing for drugs nowadays because they are harder to cheat. Unlike urine samples, which can easily be imitated by a synthetic compound, a hair follicle test can not be cheated. Not to mention, drugs can stay within your hair for up to 90 days! It can certainly cause some distress if you find yourself facing a mandatory test, and you’re not entirely sure of what the outcome might be. But before you fly off into panic mode, take a moment to breathe and read this article. Here are the best kinds of shampoos to detox the hair and get it passable for a hair follicle test. These products are tried and true by people just like you.

aloe rid

The first shampoo on our list is called Old Style Toxin Rid Shampoo and it is probably the best hair detoxing product currently out there. Now, admittedly, this shampoo might put a slight dent in your pocketbook. It typically goes for about $230-$250 a bottle. But you simply can’t argue with its customer reviews! It has glowing ratings online and does a magnificent job of cleaning out any toxins that might be in your hair. The manufacturers of the shampoo recommend that you lather it like a normal shampoo, but leave the lather in your hair for ten-fifteen minutes before rinsing it out. Give the
shampoo sufficient time to do its thing. It is also recommended that you use the shampoo once a day for about a week, before the testing. Customers rave about this shampoo and it does what it says it does.

zydot ultra clean

Another great product you can try is called Zydot Ultra Clean. This is a one-time use shampoo that completely strips the hair of all toxins and even cleans from within the strands themselves. It removes any kinds of chemicals that may be bonded with your hair. This product also has glowing reviews
online and won’t break the bank either. This shampoo typically runs for about $35-$40 a bottle. It is recommended that you use it only once, the day of your test. You can even buy the conditioning cream that comes with it – if you want to. Zydot Ultra Clean certainly does its job, but it can leave your
hair feeling a little dry and brittle afterward. The conditioning cream has Aloe Vera in it though, to help replenish your hair’s natural moisturizer.

clear choice hair follicle

Another fantastic shampoo is Clear Choice shampoo. This shampoo is a two-part product. It comes with the basic shampoo, but it also comes with a purifier as well, for maximum results. You apply the shampoo like you would any normal shampoo. Lather it up and massage the scalp with it for about five minutes. Then you’re going to rinse the shampoo out with warm water and apply the purifier. You will leave the purifier in for about fifteen minutes and then also rinse it off with warm water. This product also has some amazing customer reviews online.

Do your homework and buy the shampoo that you think will be best for you and that works with your budget. Get started on detoxing right away, don’t wait. You can even purchase hair follicle testing kits at most drug stores to test your hair beforehand. Best of luck to you and we hope these shampoos
helped you just as much as they helped myself and many others.

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