Who Decides Who Is American Enough? Especially, Native American

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America has issues when The First Nation is not recognized. While Trump rallies for a wall, we can’t even take care of the first citizens of the United States of America. It’s even sadder when such digressions happen in Washington State. A State that prides itself on its Native roots, but I guess only as long as it makes a buck. One such example is Federal recognition of the Duwamish Tribe, a tribe who has a major city named after one their great Chiefs, one who helped bring success to this thing we call America, Chief Seattle.

WSLCB Native Tribes Recognized

Why does the WSLCB think Washington State Native American tribes are the only first nation Americans?

During Seattle Hempfest 2019, Alex Gray of Montana tried to acquire cannabis using his Blackfeet Tribe identification. An identification that is Federally recognized, an I.D to show his lineage from the many who were here first but were swindled and robbed for the land we live on now. Alex had this to say

“It’s a slap in the face to my tribe. It also makes me feel like some teenager with a fake ID and not a 33 year old with a federally recognized ID from a nation much older than the United States.

Legalization of cannabis in spite of federal law empowers people to make their own decisions as adults. The spirit for disregarding federal law there is to help people and promote individual liberty. The spirit for disregarding federal law by not recognizing a Native American Identification card is laziness because they don’t want to accept a lot of different IDs and White privilege because it will never affect them personally.”

Once again the WSLCB gets it wrong and I hope this plea for change is not unheard. The WSLCB has a unique skill of diverting responsibility of policy i.e homegrows and the present testing policy considerations to be taken, on this one I ask them to take action and include all of The First Nation.

The WSLCB needs to change this policy and not let it be another stain on what we consider legalization in Washington State. We don’t need to be another headline that discriminates against the founding Fathers and Mothers of the land we live on.

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