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Using synthetic urine samples for drug tests has become an increasingly popular option for regulars or people that have recently consumed drugs. However, testing companies are gradually becoming aware of the widespread use of fake products and are now using different measures to detect artificial samples. Therefore, if you are considering using a substitute, it is critical to ensure that you use samples that guarantee success.

Do you know the secret behind passing your drug test lays on where you buy your synthetic urine? These online vendors are putting in a lot of research and improvement to up their A-game.


You do not have to get caught in the fallacy of using goldenseal or water to pass a urine drug test. For over two decades, testclear.com has been offering proven drug testing solutions to help clients pass the drug test.

Testclear has chosen to sell real powdered urine kits since authentic human urine cannot be detected in labs as fake urine. That is a major and remarkable advantage of using powdered human urine over the synthetic one. Moreover, the powdered urine entails every crucial chemical found in the normal one.

The kit— The testclear.com kits have everything you need for a successful urine drug test. The only external ingredient is water that you will add and get the mixture to the right temperature and you are good to go. You will receive the powdered urine and a plastic vial with a lid to carry the urine to the drug test site. Furthermore, you do not need to rub hands against the vials to increase the temperatures as the kits come with two air-activated heaters and a temperature strip to ensure your temperatures are accurate.


Testnegative.com is a proud dealer of the complete line of Clear Choice products. There is a wide variety of synthetic urine available in the store, including Quick Fix 6.2, Quick Luck, and Clear Choice Sub-Solution that have been designed to fit your individual needs. Also, the products on testnegative.com come with guarantee (some up to 200% money-back guarantee).

A mimic of real pee—our products contain uric acid, urea, and creatinine as well as balanced for Gravity and PH. The fake pee kits on testnegative.com smells, froths, and looks exactly like real piss. Moreover, you will find fake pee kits that are packed with a practice kit, which you can use to practice the test before the actual drug test exercise.

Exact temperatures required— The products are easy to use and you do not need a warming pad to maintain the temperatures. The packages come with a heat activator that can hike the temperature of the pee to the precise level of 98F in seconds.

Bottom Line

When required to take a urine drug test, you should not take any chances if a job, sport, or military opportunity is on the line. To disperse clean urine, you need to buy your samples at the very best online vendors.

For your ultimate convenience and safety visit one of the above best online stores where you can buy synthetic urine to pass the drug test with flying colors and get a legitimate solution to your problem.

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