What Is An Eighth (1/8) Of Marijuana And How Much Does It Weigh?

eighth of marijuana

For marijuana veterans, knowing what an eighth of marijuana is seems like a very simple thing to know. But for people that are new to consuming marijuana, or haven’t smoked marijuana since it was measured in ‘lids,’ chances are they may not know what an eighth of marijuana is. Sure, you may know that the fraction is represented by 1/8, but when it comes to marijuana, an eighth of what?

This may be confusing to people that are frequenting a marijuana store or dispensary for the first time. An eighth of marijuana is an eighth of an ounce, roughly. I say roughly because a true eighth of an ounce weighs 3.546875 grams. However, the accepted measurement in the marijuana world for an eighth of a gram is just straight up 3.5. I remember in the unregulated days in Oregon, people would pass off 3 grams as eighths, but that always involved shady people. Yet another reason to be thankful for a regulated market right?

It’s important to know what an eighth is and how much it weighs because it’s the most common unit of measurement in the marijuana industry other than the gram. If you walk into a marijuana store or dispensary, they will likely have a per gram price, but a price break once you reach an eighth. Two eighths equals a quarter, four eighths equals a half ounce, etc.

It always made me laugh when I was in school and it would get around to fraction time in math class. I would see some of my friend struggle with certain fractions, but if it was an eighth, a quarter, or a half, they were always right. I could always see the confusion on the teacher’s face. ‘Matt (my friend) what does two eighths add up to?’ My buddy Matt would always answer in rapid fire form, ‘a quarter!’ The teacher would then ask ‘OK Matt, if you can get that, how much does two thirds add up to?’ He would scratch his head forever. He hated fractions, but he loved marijuana 🙂

Again, sorry if this seems rudimentary to some people, but it’s basic knowledge that people out there are seeking out. I get asked this question about once a month from new friends on social media, or offline. That’s one of my favorite things about the internet. Back in the day, a person would have to ask older friends or family members about the basics of marijuana. I was there once.

I remember very vividly being scared to ask anyone really simple questions like ‘what is a bong’ or ‘how many grams are in an eighth’ or ‘how do you work a carb?’ I started consuming in the 90’s before Al Gore invented the internet (outdated joke, I know), so there wasn’t search engines and social media to aid in basic research. I basically had to learn by either faking it until I picked up what was going on, or had epic fails in which cooler people made fun of me for being a newbie, but would eventually let me in on the knowledge after they had their fun. Glad those days are over! Well, mostly. The marijuana world is always evolving and changing, and staying up on all the hip stuff is getting tougher and tougher as marijuana continues to go mainstream. But I do what I can!

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