Washington State’s Legalization Contradicts It’s Own Constitution

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Excuse as I get on my high horse for this one, as I point my finger at the people who support the present I502 and don’t believe in homegrows. It’s easier to just say No for politicians when it comes to cannabis legalization, and this needs to stop. Recently an Initiative to allow homegrows into law failed but one to help legislatures be less transparent nearly passed until it was signed down by the Governor due to an outcry from all Washington State media outlets.

I found a seed in my I502 weed. It’s legal to buy, sell, smoke, but not grow. I’m a criminal by present state’s legal cannabis structure.

I didn’t want to make this some bullshit allegory, so instead, I took some pics to document my seeds journey. This is just the beginning, from moment I found it (hopefully it’ll be a she) and to the planting in the soil.

Found a seed in my weed

At the bus stop, I found a seed in my weed.

Just a seed

Just a seed in need of some dirt and sun but unfortunately it’s January, time to find a safe place for Spring.

germinating cannabis germinating cannabis 2

Spring is here, and I Googled, how to germinate a seed. You want to give the seed a head start before planting in the soil. Some seeds require light, and others don’t for germination. Cannabis does not. Marijuana requires dark, moist, and warm. Cut a 4-inch piece of paper towel, moisten said paper towel, place seed in the centre, fold and then place in a ziplock baggie in a dark, warm location.


In 24 to 48 hours a little sprout will be jailbreaking from the case. Now I wish I had a better camera for this moment. I tried my best with my shitty selfie cam but rest assured there’s a little arm punching out for life here. Now I know my grow journey isn’t done yet, but when you see the sprout, you feel like a plant parent. A little swelling of pride and joy hit, now I hope I can help it along it’s journey to my pipe.

Planting a seed

Lastly, the seed has been planted. It’s gardening season here in the Pacific Northwest, and the Washington State legislators by the advisory of the Washington State Liquor Control Board have decided to make me a criminal again this year.

I would like to address the fact that there has not been a homegrow issue since the inception of I502. The raids and complaints that have been occurring have been industrial grows that are not licensed and have decided not to pay to play.

Article 12 of Washington State Constitution

Washington State Wipes its ass with It’s Constitution, In the name of Reefer Madness

Section 12 of the Washington State Constitution known as Special Privileges and Immunities Prohibited states “No law shall be passed granting to any citizen, class of citizens, or corporation other than municipal, privileges or immunities which upon the same terms shall not equally belong to all citizens or corporations.”

If Washington State decided to treat homegrows like homebrew, this would put the policy and structure in line with its constitution. Presently only those who pay can play.

As soon as I planted my seed, I became a criminal. It becomes more of a crime after harvest, so I better smoke it fast. As long as it exists, I broke the law. If I decide to give it away, I have broken the law. If I decide to trade for it, I have broken the law, and if I decide to sell it like people sell apples from their garden, I have broken the law.

Washington State’s legalization is broken and needs to be fixed and as time lingers on with this issue lingers on while legislatures try to kill transparency, well then my faith in our system, in my America, in my State dwindles that much more.

Cannabis consumers just want to be law-abiding citizens like Jack Daniels, and we are tired of things being half there. There more consider legalization an experiment after seven years, the more we are lying to ourselves. Legalization works, we all just want to do the right thing, in the infamous words of J. Cole “Baby I wanna do the right thing, Feels so much better than the wrong thing.”

I leave with you J Cole’s Neighbors.

Miguel a.k.a Miggy420
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