Washington State Bill Would Finally Allow Rec Home Cultivation


Washington is one of eight states that has voted to legalize marijuana for adult use. Unfortunately, Washington is the only state out of the eight that has an outright ban on home cultivation. Nevada has a provision in its marijuana legalization law that creates a ‘halo rule’ in which home cultivation is prohibited if the garden location is within 25 miles of a licensed marijuana outlet. That provision will no doubt impact most of Nevada, but there will still be pockets of the state (in theory) that someone could live in an cultivate at home.

The ‘no home grow’ rule in Washington has been a point of contention for a long time. Washington is considered by practically everyone to have the worst legalization model in the country. But there’s a chance that it could get better, and in a significant way. I first learned of the home grow bill being introduced in Washington State via an alert from Marijuana Majority on Twitter.

The bill, House Bill 1092, would legalize the cultivation of up to 6 plants per adult over the age of 21, with a max of 12 plants per residence (no matter how many people live there). The bill would also legalize the possession of up to 24 ounces of legal harvest per resident over 21, with a max of up to 48 ounces of legal harvest per residence. That’s a significant amount.

Colorado, California, Nevada, Maine, and Massachusetts have higher harvest limits, in that there is no limit as long as the harvest stays on location and came from a legally allowable amount of plants. Knowing that, Washington’s law still wouldn’t be as good as those states, but would be better than my home state (Oregon).

I really hope that this bill gets some legs and passes. Responsible adults in Washington State should be allowed to grow their own marijuana in the privacy of their own homes. If the bill passes, it would not affect other limits related to being out of the person’s home. Limits while in transit would stay the same. If you live in Washington, now would be a great time to contact your Representative and let them know that home cultivation needs to come to Washington State!

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