Veterans Group Urges Donald Trump To Reschedule Marijuana


Right now there are a lot of marijuana consumers scared of what the incoming Trump administration will do in regards to marijuana policy. I personally feel that those fears are well founded. Has Trump made statements in the past that have been pro-marijuana? Sure. But has he also made statements that are anti-marijuana? Absolutely. A quick Google search will return results showing that Trump has been on both sides of the fence on the issue.

There’s the old saying, ‘actions speak louder than words’ and so far Trump’s actions have been very anti-marijuana. Specifically, his appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General is a great example of Trump’s actions being worthy of concern for marijuana consumers. Trump has also nominated various other marijuana opponents for key positions in his administration. There has been a lot of calls from the marijuana community for Trump to not roll back the progress that marijuana activists have made over the last 8 years.

One group has gone even further and urged Donald Trump to further reform America’s marijuana laws at the federal level. The American Legion, which is the largest military veteran organization in the country, recently met with Donald Trump’s transition team and demanded, among other things, to reschedule marijuana from its current status as a Schedule I controlled substance to Schedule III. Per a summary of the meeting from the American Legion:

Additionally, The American Legion initiated a call-to-action on fairly new Legion priorities – support of research related to the impacts of medical marijuana and the Drug Enforcement Administration’s reclassification of cannabis from a Schedule I drug to Schedule III. Reclassification of the drug would allow easier access to pure strains of the substance to cultivate quantifiable research and statistics regarding marijuana’s medical benefits.

Legendary marijuana activist Tom Angell was the first to break the story, as he often does. Below is an excerpt from Tom’s original article on Marijuana.Com which includes a quote from a representative from the American Legion:

Louis Celli, national director of the Legion’s veterans affairs and rehabilitation division, told that the Trump officials at the meeting were somewhat guarded in giving feedback on specific issues during the listening session, but that when cannabis’s potential to help heal military veterans war wounds came up, “there was an immediate change in the room.”

“All shuffling stopped, people stopped looking down at their notes, and instantly all eyes were on [Legion Executive Director] Verna Jones and everyone was transfixed and intently hanging on her every word,” Celli said. “I can’t speak for how the transition team felt, but there seemed to be a small shock that snapped the room to attention. No read on how the information was received, but I think they were a little caught off guard and didn’t expect such a progressive statement from such a traditional and conservative organization.”

For a stellar breakdown of what moving marijuana from Schedule I to Schedule III would entail, I suggest checking out Tom’s original article. It’s full of good info. This is a tremendous development for marijuana policy at the federal level. Military veterans have a powerful voice, and are much more respected than traditional marijuana activists in the eyes of the Trump administration I’d imagine. Patients, their supporters, doctors, athletes, entrepreneurs, and now even the American Legion is asking the Trump administration to take a sensible approach to federal marijuana policy. I sure as hell hope the Trump administration is listening.

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