USPS Workers Put Mailed Marijuana Packages At Risk Of Theft Audit Finds


It is no secret that a lot of people mail marijuana around the country. No one knows for sure just how much marijuana is mailed around America each year, but I bet the figure would be staggering. 7,990 mailed packages containing marijuana were intercepted by the United States Post Office (USPS) in 2014, down from 9,100 in 2013. But those of course are just the ones that were intercepted. How many got through is anyone’s guess.

I am obviously no fan of prohibition, so I have no problem with people mailing marijuana. I would never do it for fear of being caught, but I know many people that have done it successfully over the years. A recent audit was conducted in which auditors looked at what safeguards are in place to prevent USPS employees from stealing packages that have been identified as containing marijuana at seven facilities across America. What the auditors found was not favorable from the USPS perspective. Per US News:

At one facility, management was unable to explain why a cage used to store suspected pot mail had its lock broken. At another, the suspect packages were left in an unlocked office. At a third, they sat unguarded on a table.

The audit, completed in October after on-site visits early this year, comes amid high-profile instances of postal workers stealing drug mail or using their positions to profit from it.

An Illinois postal worker was charged with knowingly delivering pot mail in September, busted by a tip to the postal inspector general. In May, two workers were charged with stealing drugs from at least 16 packages at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. And in the nation’s capital, three workers were accused in August of taking bribes to deliver pot.

A prohibitionist would look at this audit and say, ‘my goodness, we have to do something about this epidemic!’ But a rational person would look to see what harm marijuana is causing, and would conclude that marijuana via the mail, or any other means of transportation, is not harmful. A rational person would also ask the question, ‘why are people mailing marijuana in the first place?’ Because of prohibition, that’s why.

If marijuana were legal nationwide, there would be no need for people to mail marijuana around the country. If federal officials truly wanted to fix the problem, they would eliminate the need for people to ship marijuana from one place to another. Instead the feds continue playing ‘whack-a-mole’ trying to get people to stop mailing marijuana packages, many of which it sounds like get stolen by USPS employees anyways. The only way to eliminate illegal marijuana mailings is to end federal prohibition, and move the demand for that unregulated marijuana into a regulated system.

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