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A couple of days ago I posted an article urging Weed News readers to sign a petition calling on Twitter to stop censoring searches for ‘marijuana’ on the Twitter platform. The petition was started by Marijuana Majority. Apparently Twitter was quick to learn the errors of its ways, because it sounds like the censoring policy has been lifted. Considering that this is 2017 and support for marijuana reform is at an all-time high, Twitter shouldn’t have been censoring in the first place. But all is well that ends well as the saying goes. If you ever needed a reason to make a donation to Marijuana Majority, here is a great one. Below is more information about the victory, via Change.Org (which includes a link to donate to Marijuana Majority):

Thanks to your efforts, Twitter just reversed its policy of censoring marijuana and cannabis tweets as “sensitive content.”

This is a small victory in the much larger fight to reduce the stigma that people who consume cannabis face every day. Even in places where we’ve succeeded in removing criminalization, people can still lose their jobs or child custody — or even be denied lifesaving organ transplants — just because they consume marijuana.

So let’s celebrate the fact that Twitter has now recognized that marijuana policy is a serious issue that people should be able to discuss online, but let’s get ready to keep fighting the bigger fights.

And please consider making a contribution to support Marijuana Majority’s ongoing efforts to change state and federal marijuana laws and to convince private businesses to stop discriminating against cannabis consumers:

Thank you for being an important part of this movement!

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