Trump Praises Philippine President On His Deadly War On Drugs


On Saturday, U.S. President-elect Donald Trump held a telephone call with the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte. According to Duterte, Trump praised Duterte’s deadly war on drugs and invited him to visit the White House. Upon assuming the presidency in June, Duterte made a public call for police and citizens alike to execute people who use or sell drugs, which has resulted in the murder of over 5,000 people suspected of being involved with drugs.

After the phone call, Duterte said that Trump “was quite sensitive also to our worry about drugs.” Trump apparently wished Duterte well in his anti-drug campaign and said that the Philippines was “doing it as a sovereign nation, the right way.”

“It sounds like Donald Trump just gave a green light to murder,” said Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance. “By effectively giving his blessing to Duterte’s murderous campaign, the President-elect has signaled to foreign leaders his disregard for both due process of law and human rights – and raised the possibility that he might one day treat U.S. law with the same contempt.”

Duterte has repeatedly shown complete disregard for due process or human rights. In his call for the murder of people who use or sell drugs, he promised medals for citizens who comply, and pardons for police if they are charged with human rights violations while carrying out the executions. These extrajudicial killings have largely claimed the lives of the country’s most marginalized and vulnerable citizens, including those who are unemployed or underemployed.

Despite international calls for Duterte to end the extrajudicial killings, he has refused to change direction, responding to anyone who has questioned his anti-drug strategy with insults, including President Obama, the Pope, the International Criminal Court and the United Nations. Last week, he also threatened to kill human rights defenders who attempt to intervene in his war on drugs.

The U.S. government had become more vocal in its opposition to the gross human rights violations associated with Duterte’s war on drugs. State Department Deputy Spokesperson Mark Toner said in a press briefing that “we’re very concerned—deeply concerned, I would say—about reports of extrajudicial killings of individuals suspected to have been involved in drug activity in the Philippines.” After impassioned statements by Senators Patrick Leahy and Benjamin Cardin about the gravity of the situation in the Philippines, the State Department vowed to redirect $9 million in aid away from Philippine counternarcotics training.

However, this opposition from the United States looks set to change if Trump pursues his dangerous support for Duterte’s drug war. An advisor to Trump’s transition team on security policy said that the president-elect would start a “clean slate” with Duterte “without being wedded to previous policy failures.”

  1. saynotohypocrisy says

    If Trump actually supports Duterte’s mass murder policy, that’s grounds for impeachment.

    1. Fester says

      Are you kidding the republicans drug policy has been mass incarceration that creates a slave labor force. More then a few are just fine with duterte’s kill them all policy.

      1. saynotohypocrisy says

        “More then a few are just fine with duterte’s kill them all policy.”
        I don’t doubt it, but let’s see if any of them are willing to say so in public. I’d be surprised if Trump is willing to say in public what he supposedly said in private, according to mad dog Duterte.
        Using a war on users of the ‘wrong’ drugs to create a slave labor force as many Repubs do is of course evil, but what Duterte is doing is far worse. To have a president who explicitly condones it is just appalling, and by not contesting Duterte’s version of their conversation, that’s the impression Trump is leaving. I’m not saying Repubs will see it as an impeachable offense, but people who care about crimes against humanity might.

        1. M. Simon says

          What better way to lull the opposition than to make them think he is one of them.

          I don’t think he is one of them. See my other comments on this thread. Or have a look at this link:

  2. darthhillbilly says

    I think the Republicans are happy to have Trump surrounded by people they like. My reasoning is that most Democrats would easily vote to impeach, and if dear old Donald steps out of line, they will impeach him on all these crazy issues…Most of the Republican elite did not endorse him. We have seen the lengths they will go to to push an agenda. I think “The Donald” would be easily sacrificed if it suited their needs…

    1. M. Simon says

      “I think the Republicans are happy to have Trump surrounded by people they like.”

      I agree. See my other comments on this thread.

      He is putting them to sleep. The outcry about Sessions was very helpful in that regard.

  3. Jerry Bisbo says

    Jesus, the next thing you know Trump will be praising the past actions of Adolph Hitler. What kind of monster is going to be in charge of America ?

    1. M. Simon says

      A very clever one. He is putting Prohibitionists to sleep. And making those who would be outspoken critics of change part of his administration. Just as Obama did with Hillary.

      Keep in mind that Peter Thiel is a very close advisor. And Peter is investing in Marley brand.

      Now what happens to all those cannabis critics in his administration when Trump actually does something? Muted or silent. Or fired.

      1. saynotohypocrisy says

        That’s one scenario. I hope you’re right, and I’ll be sure to give you forecasting credit if you are.

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