These Are Slang Names For Marijuana According To The DEA


Cannabis has been called all types of names over the years. The most common slang terms for cannabis are obviously marijuana, pot, and weed, but I have also heard it called everything from laughing grass to giggle bush to kill bud. A big debate has been going on as to what is the politically correct term for marijuana. The term ‘marijuana’ itself carries a lot of baggage that a lot of people don’t like.

Marijuana is a word that has evolved over the decades, having racist origins but since becoming the most common term for the plant in many media outlets. A big push has been underway to try to convince people to only use the word cannabis, and I am fine with that. Admittedly, I don’t always use the term, especially when blogging, but that is do to reach purposes. When I am in person I tend to go with cannabis, but to each their own (in my opinion).

The DEA recently released a report detailing slang words for various substances. Marijuana was included. Below is a comprehensive list of slang words for marijuana, according to the DEA. Many of these I have never heard before:

420; Acapulco Gold; Acapulco Red; Ace; African Black; African Bush; Airplane; Alfombra; Alice B Toklas; AllStar;
Angola; Animal Cookies (hydroponic); Arizona; Ashes; Aunt Mary; Baby; Bale; Bambalachacha; Barbara
Jean; Bareta; Bash; BC Budd; Bernie; Bhang; Big Pillows; Biggy; Black Bart; Black Gold; Black Maria; Blondie;
Blue Cheese; Blue Crush; Blue Jeans; Blue Sage; Blueberry; Bobo Bush; Boo; Boom; Broccoli; Bud; Budda;
Burritos Verdes; Bush; Cabbage; Cali; Canadian Black; Catnip; Cheeba; Chernobyl; Cheese; Chicago Black;
Chicago Green; Chippie; Chistosa; Christmas Tree; Chronic; Churo; Cigars; Citrol; Cola; Colorado Cocktail;
Cookie (hydroponic); Cotorritos; Crazy Weed; Creeper Bud; Crippy; Crying Weed; Culican; Dank; Dew; Diesel;
Dimba; Dinkie Dow; Dirt Grass; Ditch Weed; Dizz; Djamba; Dody; Dojo; Domestic; Donna Juana; Doobie;
Downtown Brown; Drag Weed; Dro (hydroponic); Droski (hydroponic); Dry High; Endo; Fine Stuff; Fire;
Flower; Flower Tops; Fluffy; Fuzzy Lady; Gallito; Garden; Gauge; Gangster; Ganja; Gash; Gato; Ghana; Gigi
(hydroponic) Giggle Smoke; Giggle Weed; Girl Scout Cookies (hydroponic); Gloria; Gold; Gold Leaf; Gold Star;
Gong; Good Giggles; Gorilla; Gorilla Glue; Grand Daddy Purp; Grass; Grasshopper; Green; Green-Eyed Girl;
Green Eyes; Green Goblin; Green Goddess; Green Mercedes Benz; Green Paint; Green Skunk; Grenuda;
Greta; Guardada; Gummy Bears; Gunga; Hairy Ones; Hash; Hawaiian; Hay; Hemp; Herb; Hierba; Holy
Grail; Homegrown; Hooch; Humo; Hydro; Indian Boy; Indian Hay; Jamaican Gold; Jamaican Red; Jane; Jive;
Jolly Green; Jon-Jem; Joy Smoke; Juan Valdez; Juanita; Jungle Juice; Kaff; Kali; Kaya; KB; Kentucky Blue;
KGB; Khalifa; Kiff; Killa; Kilter; King Louie; Kona Gold; Kumba; Kush; Laughing Grass; Laughing Weed; Leaf;
Lechuga; Lemon-Lime; Liamba; Lime Pillows; Little Green Friends; Little Smoke; Loaf; Lobo; Loco Weed; Love
Nuggets; Love Weed; M.J.; Machinery; Macoña; Mafafa; Magic Smoke; Manhattan Silver; Maracachafa; Maria;
Marimba; Mariquita; Mary Ann; Mary Jane; Mary Jones; Mary Warner; Mary Weaver; Matchbox; Matraca; Maui
Wowie; Meg; Method; Mexican Brown; Mexican Green; Mexican Red; Mochie (hydroponic); Moña; Monte;
Moocah; Mootie; Mora; Morisqueta; Mostaza; Mota; Mother; Mowing the Lawn; Muggie; Narizona; Northern
Lights; O-Boy; O.J.; Owl; Paja; Panama Cut; Panama Gold; Panama Red; Pakalolo; Palm; Paloma; Parsley;
Pelosa; Phoenix; Pillow; Pine; Platinum Cookies (hydroponic); Platinum Jack; Pocket Rocket; Popcorn; Pot;
Pretendo; Puff; Purple Haze; Queen Ann’s Lace; Ragweed; Railroad Weed; Rainy Day Woman; Rasta Weed;
Red Cross; Red Dirt; Reefer; Reggie; Repollo; Righteous Bush; Root; Rope; Rosa Maria; Salt & Pepper;
Santa Marta; Sasafras; Sativa; Sinsemilla; Shmagma; Shora; Shrimp; Shwag; Skunk; Skywalker (hydroponic);
Smoke; Smoochy Woochy Poochy; Smoke; Smoke Canada; Spliff; Stems; Stink Weed; Sugar Weed; Sweet
Lucy; Tahoe (hydroponic); Tex-Mex; Texas Tea; Tila; Tims; Tosca; Trees; Tweeds; Wacky Tobacky; Wake and
Bake; Weed; Weed Tea; Wet (mixed with PCP); Wheat; White-Haired Lady; Wooz; Yellow Submarine; Yen
Pop; Yerba; Yesca; Young Girls; Zacate; Zacatecas; Zambi; Zoom (mixed with PCP)

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