The Tuckers: Victims Of The Drug War

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One of the worse things with the misguided war on drugs is that broken families are a byproduct of it. Not only can they lock you away in a cage but they can take your children away. Only to make you prove that you’re a fit parent by doing so means to take time off of work on multiple days which could result in loss of employment which means your, not a fit parent, the concept is a circle jerk for children services to judges, this is not protection or service. This is not hyperbole but what has happened to Greg Tucker on 4/2/17.

Medical marijuana for kids with seizures is a hot topic with mainstream media and activist. It has shown middle America that cannabis is medicine, the same can be said for adults. Erica Tucker couldn’t afford the man made pharmaceuticals she was prescribed, so she chose a holistic approach and proven treatment; medicating with cannabis.

She eventually weaned herself of all harmaceuticals and was able to live a normal life. With a new baby, she never questioned if her natural approach was harmful, in fact, the pharmaceuticals she was prescribed would be more harmful, so why should she think less of the natural approach?


Not all treatments are guaranteed 100%, natural or not, and on March 18, 2016, she had a grand mal seizure which put her in the ER. On the way to the hospital she was asked a series of questions by the paramedics, one of which “Are you breastfeeding?” She answered truthfully, and without notice, her five children were taken from their loving home. The youngest, at 22 months, was tested for drugs and tested positive for cannabinoids which are naturally in our system and mother’s milk.

The children are now home with mom and dad, but the Tuckers are facing child endangerment charges, even though CPS has dropped their case but because the youngest tested positive for what is naturally in our bodies. Five counts of endangerment, one for each child, what kind of logic is this? The biggest threat these children have faced is going to church on Sundays for Bible school.

If you would like to help fight the drug war, I recommend looking towards the Tucker’s and helping them anyway way you can, whether it’s financial or just sharing their story, each person that does is another step towards ending stigmas and bringing common sense to our disheveled States of America.

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