The Seattle 420 Games


People are always reminiscent of a venue’s early days when it was small and few people were in the know, The Seattle 420 Games will be no exception. A small event that was a great time with no lines for the portapotties, even after the first keg was tapped. Only in it’s the second year, The Seattle 420 Games has secured a spot in the hearts of locals and many activists.

A marijuana themed event not about the cannabis plant but our minds and bodies. An event that showed cannabis consumers are more than the stuck in the couch stereotype. We are healthy vibrant human beings who give a fuck. Not everyone is meant to write or give speeches but by showing up you are a protester, you are standing up to “the man”.

The event started with 22 pushups for the 22 too many soldiers that commit suicide every day. This was led by Patrick Saint of Twenty 22 Many based out of Olympia. After the pushups was yoga and stretching.

A 4.2-mile jog, let alone run, is asking a lot from me, so instead, I choose to walk with Meagan Holt of Maddie’s Journey and her beautiful daughter Maddie. Truth be told, I was still trying to keep up but it was a workout I needed. Even though there was no cannabis provided there was plenty to be had. About 2 miles of the 4.2 miles is in the woods and what better time and place to smoke than in the weeds. Vaping was all around but the flower smoker waited for the cover of nature. I was heavily medicated before and was able to join several smoke circles after the walk/run.

The race was won by a cannabis aficionado local Tyler Markwart, coming in at 28:03. Meagan, Maddie, and I came in at a killer 1:13:06. An hour and thirteen minutes of calorie burning and sweat, beer was in order.

You can’t go wrong with a medicated jog and day drinking. This year instead of a concert (though I would like to give props to the DJ) to watch while enjoyed the Lagunitas beer garden, there was a death defying bike group. Unfortunately I was unable to find anything with the groups name but to whoever you are, holy shit. I was able to find a pic captured that day but unfortunately this is only a snippet.

On June 20th, a couple hundred people gathered in Seattle’s Magnuson Park to take a 4.2-mile stand to say “Fuck you!” to stereotypes and ignorance.

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