The M-word – Use Marijuana to Legalize Cannabis


Cannabis Industry Lawyer, Tom Howard, is back to address something he has seen amongst the people inside the legalization movement. Some insist on calling all marijuana cannabis because marijuana is a racist term.  And from his book on the legal history of marijuana, it is totally true that marijuana is a racist term. Without the word ‘marihuana’ the law in 1937 would never have passed.

In the controversial video, Tom explains that the people in the movement should not waste their time on infighting about branding about an issue they agree on.  Instead, the movement should use the term Marijuana as a brand of approval and rejection to wedge the less than 40% of Americans that are anti-legalization.

Social pressures led to prohibition because of scare tactics like the term ‘marihuana’.  But today provides the exact opposite opportunity. People that insist on maintaining the status quo can now be scolded into the racist origins of the law by restricting their usage of the term ‘marijuana’.

If marijuana is take away from the powers that be and only conferred for use on those in the movement that supports its sensible regulation – it can take a page from hip-hop culture that redefined a pejorative term that robbed the person of their humanity and turned it into so much more.

The M-word can do something very similar to another word.  It can be taken back by a people long oppressed under its lies and bullshit. It can be used as a tool against morons that insist marijuana needs to remain illegal.  No, they cannot say that anymore. They need to learn about cannabis. Marijuana is for the people that believe in its legalization.

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