Texas Senator Menendez To File Medical Marijuana Bill Tomorrow


Texas is a very big domino in the battle to end marijuana prohibition in America. Unfortunately, Texas does not have a citizen initiative process like many other states that have reform marijuana laws by gathering signatures to put reform to a vote. The only way to reform Texas’ marijuana laws is via the Texas Legislature. This upcoming session is shaping up to be a big one in Texas’ Legislature for marijuana reform, with many bills expected to be introduced. One of the bills, which would legalize medical marijuana in Texas, is expected to be introduced tomorrow. Below is a press release about it via the bill’s sponsor, Texas Senator Jose Menendez:

On December 6th at 10:30am, several patients, who would benefit from the legislation, will join Senator José Menéndez for a press conference after filing his comprehensive medical cannabis bill.

“Doctors, not politicians, should be determining what is best for Texas patients,” said Senator Menéndez. “This is legitimate medicine that can help a of variety people, from the grandmother suffering from cancer to the veteran coping with PTSD after returning home from war.”

The bill will allow patients with debilitating and chronic medical conditions to receive cannabis under recommendation and consultation of their doctor.

“Twenty-eight states have recognized the medical benefit of cannabis, including conservative states like Arkansas, Montana, and North Dakota,” said Senator Menéndez. “It’s time Texas steps up to the plate and provide real relief for our suffering patients.”

Last session, Senator Menéndez filed the first comprehensive medical cannabis legislation in the history of Texas, Senate Bill 1839. He was also the co-author of the landmark Senate Bill 339 which allowed for limited cannabis use for people with intractable epilepsy.

Press Conference Information:

WHAT: Press Conference On Medical Cannabis Legislation

WHO: State Senator José Menéndez along with Patients and Advocates

WHEN: Tuesday, December 6th at 10:30am

WHERE: State Capitol of Texas, Senate Press Conference Room, 2E.9

STREAM: A live stream will be available the day of the press conference http://www.senate.texas.gov/bin/live.php

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