Texas Narcotics Agent: No Solid Evidence That Marijuana Is Medicine


The Texas Legislature begins tomorrow, and marijuana reform is shaping up to be one of the hottest topics of the session. Several bills have already been pre-filed, some of which involve decriminalization. At least one would put medical marijuana on the ballot for Texas voters to decide. Texas is already a ‘CBD-only’ state, but the law on the books is basically just a symbolic public policy gesture.

I recently read an article about the upcoming session and the marijuana reform bills involved, and it had some of the most reefer madness caliber arguments that I’ve heard in awhile, courtesy of Texas Department of Public Safety narcotics agent Corky Schalchlin. Agent Schalchlin was in full form while offering up quotes to NBCDFW, one of which can be found below:

“Are you going to have a doctor show up to surgery who has been smoking or a nurse? A fireman?” he asked. “If you legalize it, are you going to have police officers out there carrying a gun that have been smoking? It’s scary. I think it’s a slippery slope.”

No. The quick answer to Agenty Schalchlin’s questions is simply ‘no.’ Nowhere in any bill in the history of the Texas Legislature has an elected official proposed that doctors, fireman, and/or police officers should be allowed to perform their job duties while impaired by marijuana. To suggest so is fear mongering on an epic level.

These words are not surprising, considering the same agent told the media outlet that ‘there’s no solid evidence that marijuana is really a medicine.’ Oh really? Because last time I checked there is a massive amount of solid evidence that marijuana is really a medicine. As far back as 2010 there were over 20,000 studies on marijuana. The federal government owns a medical marijuana patent, grows medical marijuana at the University of Mississippi, and dispenses medical marijuana to federal medical marijuana patients, and has for decades.

Marijuana is a medicine, proven by science. i know that doesn’t fit with the spin that marijuana opponents like Agent Schalchlin are trying to convince people to believe, but the facts are the facts. Agent Schalchlin is lying about the science behind marijuana, and is lying about what the bills being proposed would really allow. The negligence on the part of Agent Schalchlin may not be so alarming if it weren’t for the countless suffering patients in Texas and for the people who are having their lives ruined in Texas for a plant that has been found to be 114 times safer than alcohol.

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