Tell Virginia Lawmakers To Embrace Sensible Marijuana Reform


I received the following action alert out of Virginia. Please share with anyone you know that lives there:

Yesterday, Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam published a piece calling for criminal justice reform. In the short read, he calls on the Commonwealth to decriminalize marijuana. As a doctor, he would like to see state resources redirected to research the benefits of medical marijuana to treat conditions such as intractable epilepsy and PTSD.

Please let your elected officials know that Lt. Gov. Northam’s commonsense call for reform is the type of change you want to see in Old Dominion. Several bills were proposed at the start of session that would have improved Virginia’s marijuana laws, and a few important bills survived the crossover deadline. Two of the bills seek the same reform, ending the practice of suspending a driver’s license for six months for small amounts of marijuana possession convictions. Another bill seeks to provide in-state access to low-THC oil for patients suffering from intractable epilepsy. Ask your lawmakers to support these reasonable measures!

The legislative session is almost over, so legislators need to move fast on this reasonable reform. That is why we need as many Virginians as possible reaching out to their elected officials and asking them to embrace change. Please forward this email along to your friends and family, and ask them to take action.

Let’s make 2017 the year that finally brings change to Virginia.

Maggie Ellinger-Locke
Legislative Counsel
Marijuana Policy Project

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