Tell Congress To Stop Blocking D.C. Marijuana Policy Reform

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I received the following action alert out of D.C.:

Even though D.C. voters overwhelmingly approved legalizing marijuana for adult use, Congress is blocking the District from approving non-medical sales. Since not everyone can (or wants to) grow their own, this has led to a proliferation of unregulated grey market businesses and an increasing crackdown from local police, as well as costing D.C. millions in lost tax revenue.

If Congress removes just one sentence from this year’s appropriations bill, D.C. will finally be able to move forward to tax and regulate marijuana. D.C.’s congresswoman, Eleanor Holmes Norton, may not be able to vote, but she can sit on committees and influence her colleagues’ priorities, and she understands how to navigate the complex and opaque appropriations process. Please ask Congresswoman Holmes Norton to do all she can to ensure that D.C. can tax and regulate marijuana.

There are a lot of Congressional riders that overturn D.C. law on various hot-button issues, and some have more support in Congress than others. The one blocking progress on marijuana policy (called the Harris amendment) is one that our allies may be able to remove, if it is called to a vote! That’s why it’s so important that an amendment to fix the marijuana language be discussed and voted on individually. Please click here to contact Congresswoman Holmes Norton to tell her that being able to legally purchase marijuana matters to you and deserves a vote!

Thank you,

Kate M. Bell
Legislative Counsel
Marijuana Policy Project
Washington, D.C.

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