Sorry, Kevin Sabet, But Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Does Support Legalization

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Just a week ago, folks across the country were introduced to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28 year-old-former-bartender-turned-Bernie-Sanders-organizer that shocked the political establishment by defeating incumbent Democratic Representative Joe Crowley, a powerful House member that hadn’t seen a primary challenge in over a decade. Crowley got a formidable challenge and then some as Ocasio-Cortez, supposedly down 30 points in the polls, beat the long-time New York rep by 15 points. Alexandria has been hailed as the future of the Democratic Party by some and she is certainly someone the cannabis community should rally behind as she supports legalizing cannabis and ending the failed, harmful, and racist Drug War.

Strangely, Kevin Sabet, the so-called quarterback of the Reefer Madness Prohibitionist Movement™ doesn’t believe that Ms. Ocasio-Cortez, included legalizing cannabis as part of her inspirational platform. While Mr. Sabet may eventually correct the record or delete his tweet after he realizes that he’s wrong, but the internet NEVER forgets, Kevin.

Kevin may have a different definition of what it means to “end the War on Drugs” but to most people that includes “pot legalization.” Also a quick Google search would have easily led Sabet to a Ocasio-Cortez’s campaign page that states, “Alexandria supports the federal legalization of marijuana” as well as a couple of telling tweets by the political rising star:

Now, to his credit, Kevin Sabet admits that he, and his fellow Reefer Madness prohibitionists, haven’t been “brilliant” in their campaign to continue criminalizing cannabis, while stating that law reformers have been. (Thanks, Kevin, we appreciate it!) While Kevin does have some pretty seemingly impressive educational and work experience behind him as someone that must have been the dullest person to ever graduate from Berkeley to working in a couple of administration’s Drug Czar offices, Sabet has made some glaring missteps.

Sabet’s follies have included forgetting to register the website his campaign submitted when opposing medical cannabis in Massachusetts back in 2012. Sabet’s campaign website, that was sent to voters across the state in voter guides, included a website that was spoofed by a medical cannabis supporter. Even more embarrassing for Sabet, medical marijuana passed in Massachusetts 63% to 37%.

Two year’s later after his campaign’s website debacle and his inability to even get 40% to oppose his anti-patient position, Sabet had the gall to take the hard-earned money from Oregonians to travel to the Pacific Northwest to campaign against Measure 91. Unfortunately for Sabet, a significant portion of his speaking tour was cancelled after folks questioned the legality of tax dollars funding an obvious campaign effort, but Sabet was eventually paid $21,000 (plus meals, hotel, and travel expenses) for three days of work, spreading his particular brand of Reefer Madness. Kevin was confident that Oregon voters would “just say no” to ending the failed, harmful, and racist policy of cannabis prohibition. Alas, Kevin was wrong and some hard-working Oregonians wasted over $21,000 for Sabet’s help to lose 56% to 44%.

And who can forget Kevin Sabet returning to Massachusetts and apparently losing some cannabis-infused gummy bears when he campaigned against legalization in 2016? Well, it turned out that Sabet didn’t actually bring infused gummies to his presentation, he just merely LIED to voters.

It’s amazing that Kevin Sabet still gets propped up as the of Reefer Madness Prohibitionist Movement™ after such ridiculous blunders, but I guess that it’s good for those of us working to end the harms caused by cannabis prohibition. While the Reefer Madness prohibitionists have the mistake-prone Sabet who tends to fumble and throw pick-sixes at crucial moments, we welcome the potential-laden Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who has already proven to be a clutch performer worth following (@Ocasio2018).

* Just kidding about that ™ symbol, use Reefer Madness Prohibitionist Movement freely.

*Please spread the word about Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez as she is the future of the Democratic Party and will be one of the most important voices in Congress working to end federal prohibition and the greater Drug War:

The Let’s Hash It Out podcast hashed out Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s inspirational victory, and the primary victories by legalization supporters Ben Jealous and Jared Polis, as well as Oklahoma (OKLAHOMA!) passing medical cannabis last week on our latest podcast “Fight for Our Future, the Sooner the Better” after my three co-hosts describe some fine Oregon cannabis that they are toking on.  You can check out all of our podcasts right here on Weed News. Have a listen:

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