Six Flags Theme Park Discriminates Against Medical Marijuana Patient


Marijuana patients experience discrimination in many ways. Even though marijuana is virtually harmless, and provides medical benefits proven by science, there is still a stigma surrounding the marijuana plant that unfortunately leads to those that use it being targeted by other members of society. Medical marijuana patients are discriminated against in the workplace and in housing.

Medical marijuana patients are also discriminated against by businesses. A great example of that was the story that Russ posted yesterday about T.G.I. Friday’s discriminating against patrons that smelled like marijuana. The restaurant chain has since come out saying that the discrimination was not supported by the company, and that it was the act of a rogue location manager.

Another example of discrimination by a business came yesterday when my buddy Seibo Shen posted on Facebook that he was just kicked out of a Six Flags theme park in California because of his medical marijuana infused mouth spray. Below is what happened to Seibo, per his post on Facebook:

Just got kicked out of Six Flags for having my medicine with me. It is private property so they are within their rights to do this to me from a legal perspective. What bothers me is that they repeatedly used the phrase “it’s for the safety of the park attendees”. I asked for them to call the police, which they did. When the officer arrived I explained to her AUMA, showed my documentation and she agreed to let us in the park. Happy ending and crisis averted….not quite

The security guard had me sign some paperwork and then tells me that I’m banned from the park for a year. I tell him that the officer says that everything is ok and that I can go in. He responds “That’s fine but I have final say here and now you’re banned for two years”. I reply that the officer said that everything was fine and then he mentions that he and only he “has the final say”. I don’t want to cause a scene so I merely respond that for someone worried about park safety, I can’t find a reason why having an infused breath spray would be harmful. The officer agrees but says that the Park does have final approval. I’m sharing this so that hopefully, in the future, those that use cannabis as a medicine aren’t removed from theme parks.

Prohibition has not ended, please share.

Seibo is the creator of the VapeXhale, which is the best table top vaporizer on the market in my opinion (not paid to say that in any way, it’s truly how I feel!). He is incredibly intelligent and uses medical marijuana to treat various ailments that, from what I understand, are related to injuries he incurred while working as a stuntman. Seibo is very respectful, and handled the situation as best he could.

If Seibo wanted to break out a bong in the middle of the park and start choking down five foot bong hits, I would understand some concern on the part of the park security. However, we are talking about a mouth spray. A mouth spray possessed by a responsible medical marijuana patient poses no threat to any other patrons of the theme park. How many park customers had prescription drugs on their person when they went to the park that day? Were they turned away? Were they banned from the park for a year for bring their medicine to the park?

Six Flags locations sell alcohol, which poses a very real threat to park goers. Seibo’s mouth was child proofed I am assuming, but the beers that are sold at Six Flags locations are not. How is a child proofed mouth spray in the pocket of Seibo more of a danger than a beer will no child proofing? Especially considering the fact that cannabis is 114 times safer than alcohol? Seibo wasn’t kicked out of the theme park and banned for a year because his mouth spray posed a danger to park goers. Seibo was kicked out of the park because Six Flags supports reefer madness.

Marijuana is legal now in California, and in Seibo’s case, has been legal for medical purposes for two decades. Six Flags has made it clear that it does not want business from marijuana consumers and marijuana supporters, so I’m urging everyone to boycott Six Flags, and to write them and tell them why. You can contact Six Flags at this link here.

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