SEC Tweets Offensive Marijuana Prohibition Joke


In what many cannabis activists are considering a supremely ignorant, offensive, and inappropriate tweet, The Securities and Exchange Commission office in Fort Worth, Texas, tweeted a bad joke about cannabis regarding it’s illegality. And, it was one everyone has heard before … a bad variation on the old “joint custody” joke.

What is no surprise is the office the sent the tweet. Texas is long considered one of the more draconian of marijuana prohibition states and has harsh laws on cannabis possession, sale, and cultivation. The state has been the bane of celebrities, with their Sierra Blanca border crossing nabbing numerous ones, including Willie Nelson and Snoop Dog.

Twitter responses were predictable. Almost immediately people were pointing to the inappropriateness, hypocrisy, and sheer idiocy of the comment:


Seems the SEC office in Texas has a lot of free time on their hands. Maybe they should spend a little more time focused on regulating industries that are scamming people than the federal illegal status of a plant that has been used for centuries as medicine and for enjoyment. It’s the exact big business control of our government, that the SEC so aptly represents, that is to blame for cannabis prohibition over 75 years ago, which makes the tweet that much more insensitive and offensive. Bad form SEC. You should take it down and apologize.

Thanks to Marijuana Moment daily newsletter for the tip on this story.

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