Scientists: Marijuana Supplied By The Feds Is Covered In Mold

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Growing up I would hear stories about ‘federal marijuana’ and how the G-13 strain was produced at some facility in America, and how it was the greatest thing to happen to anything. ‘They have been developing the best weed on the planet!’ was often part of the stories I would hear. I would have visions of the the dankest nugs being grown at an undisclosed, world-class facility. As time went on and I learned more about the federal medical marijuana and research program, I would learn that the stories I heard growing up were completely false.

The federal government has been growing marijuana for research purposes for decades, and to supply a handful of federal medical marijuana patients. I have never personally seen the marijuana, but I know several people that have, and it leaves a lot to be desired. Potency levels are low, and the quality is just not that good. But at least it was clean, right? Wrong. As a recent article by PBS highlights, scientists recently discovered that federally supplied marijuana for a research project was covered in mold. Per PBS:

Sue Sisley, a primary care physician in Scottsdale, Arizona, recalls the moment she picked up the carefully wrapped package fresh from the delivery truck. Nearly two years after Sisley and her colleagues were awarded a grant to study marijuana as a treatment for 76 military veterans suffering from chronic post-traumatic stress disorder, her shipment of the drug was finally in hand.

But minutes later, as she opened the packets to weigh the drug – as required by the federal Drug Enforcement Administration – her enthusiasm turned to dismay. It didn’t look like marijuana. Most of it looked like green talcum powder.

“It didn’t resemble cannabis. It didn’t smell like cannabis,” Sisley says. What’s more, laboratory testing found that some of the samples were contaminated with mold, while others didn’t match the chemical potency Sisley had requested for the study.

As Rick Doblin, Director of Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) would go on to point out later in the article, this is exactly why the federal government should not hold a virtual monopoly on marijuana production for research purposes (or any purpose for that matter). In years past this would have never been detected because marijuana testing laboratories were not common. But now that this has been discovered, it should be addressed immediately. How long have potency levels been inaccurate and harvests been tainted? Does this affect the results of previous studies by the feds? This is crap!

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