Representative Sends Letter To V.A. About Veteran Medical Marijuana Use


Rep. Lou Correa sent Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin a letter asking for clarification of the Department’s policy on medical marijuana usage in states where it is legally prescribed.

“In my district, many veterans have relayed their fear of losing their benefits from medical marijuana usage to me. These brave men and women fought for their country, and if they find relief in medical marijuana and it is legal in their state, their benefits should not be at risk. If it is the VA’s policy to deny veterans benefits for medical marijuana usage, then we’re going to need to change it.”

Dear Secretary Shulkin,

I want to thank you for hosting members of the Veterans’ Committee for breakfast last week.  In addition, I appreciate that you looked into the Veterans Cemetery issue in my district.  I have another issue that has come to my attention. 

This past week as part of Memorial Day observances, I had the opportunity to meet with veterans. They brought to my attention that veterans are denied treatment at VA facilities if they test positive for medical marijuana in states where it is legal and they have a doctor’s prescription. These veterans are not asking the VA for medical marijuana but just for medical services.

I would like to know if that is VA policy. If so, I would like to discuss the issue further with you.  However, if it is not VA policy, I would request that you would clarify the policy to VA facilities across the country.

I value your openness to work with Members on the Committee.  I hope that we can come to a resolution on this issue. Thank you again for looking into it.

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