Report: Marijuana Use Linked To Decreased Alcohol And Opioid Use


If you read this blog often, then you know that one of the most cited facts that I link to is that marijuana has been found to be 114 time safer than alcohol. It’s a fact that I repeat very often when I’m talking about marijuana off the blogosphere as well. That’s not to knock alcohol consumption. If a responsible adult wants to consume alcohol, that’s perfectly fine by me. The reason why I hammer home the point is so that other see how unbalanced and unfair public policy is. Alcohol is exponentially more harmful than marijuana, yet alcohol is legal and embraced by many parts of society while people that possess and consume marijuana are often thrown into the back of cop cars.

Alcohol is responsible for many deaths each year in America, and is at the root of many domestic issues. America is in the midst of an opioid epidemic, which is also taking people’s lives and causing quit a bit of misery. Many people use opioids for medical purposes, and I’m fine with that, but the more people we can get weaned off of opioids and onto cannabis is a good thing, both for the consumers’ health as well as for the overall health of American society. Again, this is not to bash people that consume opioids, as many have a handle on their consumption, and even those that don’t shouldn’t be shamed and instead should be helped. But definitely, from a purely health standpoint, the more people we can get on marijuana and off booze and/or opioids is a good thing.

According to a marijuana company called Eaze, which has been touted as the ‘Uber of weed,’ increased access to marijuana is resulting in less people using alcohol and opioids. Per Newsweek:

The company examined its data from more than 250,000 cannabis consumers in 100 cities across California, in addition to more than 5,000 unique survey responses. The survey showed that 82 percent of people point to marijuana as the reason they drank less alcohol.

In the U.S., an estimated 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually, according to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. Out of the thousands of Californians surveyed by Eaze, as many as 11 percent said they’ve quit drinking altogether because of marijuana.

Additionally, the research showed that 95 percent of medical marijuana consumers who’ve turned to opioids for pain management reported using less fewer opioids—thanks to cannabis.

This is not a comprehensive study, as it deals with just Eaze customers, but it’s still incredibly interesting. I do not consume alcohol all that often, and have never consumed a pharmaceutical grade painkiller in my entire life. I largely attribute that to the fact that I have consumed marijuana throughout my teen years and throughout adulthood. Marijuana has helped me deal with the chronic pain that comes with having arthritis, and provides me a safer way to unwind than consuming large amounts of alcohol. The info released by Eaze is something that I hope they build on, and it leads to a more comprehensive study. Hat tip to Eaze for putting this info out there!

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