Reno And Las Vegas To Stop Prosecuting Personal Marijuana Possession


My grandmother lived in Reno for about 20 years. I would go there to visit when I was younger, and always had a lot of fun vacationing there. Weed News’ tech guru, Jay, lived in Reno for about five years. He also has a warm spot in his heart for the ‘biggest little city in the world.’ Reno is a very fun place, and now that marijuana legalization was passed in Nevada, I plan on going there more often.

The City of Reno announced this week that it would no longer be going after people for low-level marijuana possession. The move comes after a similar announcement was made in Clark County, Nevada, which is where Las Vegas is located. It seems that logic is being applied, in that it makes no sense to go after people for something that is about to be legal on January 1st. Per the Reno Gazette-Journal:

Reno City Attorney Karl Hall said Wednesday his office would likely follow in Clark County’s footsteps and stop prosecuting small marijuana possession cases in light of Question 2’s passage.

Question 2 will legalize possession of up to one ounce of marijuana beginning on Jan. 1 while state lawmakers create a regulatory structure during the 2017 Legislature. The Clark County District Attorney’s office announced Tuesday it would stop prosecuting low-level offenders given the impending change in statute.

Hall said on Wednesday he did not see a reason to continue pursuing marijuana possession citations either.

This is great news! I have many, many friends in Nevada right now attending the Marijuana Business Conference and Expo, and it appears that all of them are enjoying the new found freedoms 🙂 With so many tourists visiting Reno and Las Vegas, both are poised to become international cannabis tourist destinations. I know I’m planning a trip, and I’d imagine you are too!

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