Readers Mock British Cops Bragging About Marijuana Christmas Tree Bust

Gloucestershire Pigs

The constabulary of the English town of Gloucestershire is bragging about their recent marijuana bust. They found a small home garden where a couple had decorated their large cannabis plant with traditional Christmas tree decorations.

The Christmas week raid was a part of “Operation Emperor”, a police operation of utmost importance to the Gloucestershire constabulary:

Operation Emperor is part of our crackdown on drugs. It sends a strong message to criminals that Gloucestershire isn’t a soft location to sell drugs.

A high number of murders in Gloucestershire in recent years have had a drugs element and many of the knife crime incidents we see are related to drugs. By tackling the root cause of these problems, we are hoping to make Gloucestershire a safer place.

While the bobbies may think cannabis growers with yuletide cheer are the knife-wielding scourge of Gloucestershire, it seems many of the followers of their Twitter account @Glos_Police think their priorities are a bit daft. Some sarcastically worry about the marijuana addicts turning to robbery, while others wondered if the police had already solved the problems of terrorism and real crime:

As if hauling away a couple for their cannabis Christmas tree wasn’t Grinchey enough for you, how about a Christmas Weekend tweet by the Cheshire Police that the Gloucestershire Constabulary retweeted the very next day without any sense of irony:

According to the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, over one-in-nine subjects of the United Kingdom aged 15-24 are using cannabis this month. The penalties in the United Kingdom for possession of marijuana range from an on-the-spot fine of £90 to an unlimited fine and five years in prison. Growing cannabis can get up to 14 years in prison.

I wonder why British cops feel the need to tell young people not to fear them?

Russ Belville
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