Q: When Does God Hate Cannabis?


A: When he/she has 32 billion invested in pharmaceuticals.

Recently posts on r/trees and r/atheism have pointed out that the Mormon Church has over 32 billion dollars invested in pharmaceutical companies. The website Mormon Leaks has released bank documentation showing that the Mormon Church is invested into multiple LLCs, these LLCs, in turn, are found to be predominately pharmaceutical investments, this would explain why the church is so adamant against legalization in Utah.

The Mormon Church has praised the Utah Medical Association for their stance against medical marijuana, but I have my suspicions that if we were to take a closer look at the Utah Medical Association, we’d find that a majority of the members belong to the Mormon Church.

It’s nice to see that common sense is slowly taking over Utah with medical marijuana making it to the ballot for 2018 but the fight is not over yet. The Mormon Church has held Utah in its manipulative grips long enough and with antics like standing against cannabis while profiting off the opioid crisis this is the reason why so many flee the church, no one likes hypocrisy in their faith.

To learn more about the Mormon Leaks episode, click here.  To view the investment docs, click here.

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